The Hallway Trio

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Boxes unpacked, first days of work and school started and now in the past by a fortnight, the Gibsons waited for the news of their newest family member.

They didn’t bargain for the unique triplets. They were all born on the same day, but to different mothers, but were all found in the front yard curled up asleep together, as if they were magically just transported to the best possible forever home. Every night, throughout their lives, they would share one large dog bed together, out in the hallway.

They needed to be dropper fed for the first week, as they were so ridiculously tiny, and it was touch and go with the one they named ‘Runt’ for a couple days. His big droopy ears were large even from the start. ‘Pipsqueak’ had a huge ‘M’ on his forehead, and his paws were nearly the size of his itty bitty face. ‘Toothless’ was the largest of the three, which wasn’t too impressive, considering they all weighed less than a pound together on the tiny food scale inside a bowl.

Runt doubled his size every week for the first month. Pipsqueak was slower, but was seeming to grow in other ways other than length. Somehow, his head was even more pronounced, and he looked like a caricature of a kitten. Toothless had barely grown in size, but had developed teeth that were long, perfect, and allowed him to finally eat on a regular basis.
Month four had an impressive leap for all three of the animals, as Runt’s size was startling to the family. They had guessed as a baby that he was going to be a dalmatian, but at the rate he was growing, they weren’t so sure anymore as he was close to sixty pounds. Pipsqueak doubled his size, and was just under five pounds. His ears had glorious little tufts of white fuzzy wispy silky furs from the tips, and his whiskers were almost longer than his tail. Toothless weighed close to twelve, and was the largest the Gibsons had ever seen of his kind.

The veterinarian had insisted that they keep track, to see if the animals they had found on their lawn were in fact what she had expected they would be; a great dane, a Maine coon, and a Flemish giant. By their neutering appointments, they were well over the mere guideline of the usual parameters for their species.

But every night, they slept together in that big dog bed.
Years went by and the family had tried everything to coax and reward the animals to come sleep in their beds, but to no avail.
The daughter moved out, heading for university three years after the animals arrived. Nine years later, she would be moving back to the house her parents had willed her, and the beautiful animals were still around, though they were significantly older and slower at twelve years old. 

Runt, who weighed well over 120 pounds at his peak, was beating the odds of his breed by five years. He saw their birthday of his 14th year, and a week later slipped peacefully into final sleep.  Though they could have outlived him easily for a few years each, within a fortnight, both Pipsqueak and Toothless had also gone to their final nap.

They lived and played and ate and slept and loved their lives, all from the dog bed in the hallway.

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