The Crayon Initiative: Bringing the Joy of Art!

Originally posted 2015-09-15 11:45:39.

About a week and a half ago I was contacted on Twitter by Crystalegion (@Mondschatten78) about this great company called The Crayon Initiative where you can donate your old or unwanted crayons and they will turn them into new ones and donate them back to hospitals, art programs, schools, and more! I love the mission statement this company is sharing and was completely shocked that there are between 45,000 and 75,000 pounds of broken crayons put in a landfill each year!


As a mother of a self-proclaimed artist, we have so many nubletts of crayons laying around that I probably should have thrown away years ago but are in the art drawer looking sad! I am sure anyone with kids has that problem. Or think of all the times you go to a restaurant and get those two crayons per kid to color with (you know the ones in plastic that do not color well at all!) and you just leave them on the table or throw them in the diaper bag for later use, but they really just melt and create a creature with Cheerios! With The Crayon Initiative, we now have the chance to put those little stubs of color to use!

Crayon pained kids and rainbow

There are so many ways that you can donate to this great cause:

We here at Geeks and Geeklets want YOU to gather your crayons and help share them with the world so we have designed a contest to get your support! There are three ways you can enter this awesome Blizzard (gasp!) contest!

  1. Donate at least 10$ to The Crayon Initiative.
  2. Collect and send Crayon Stubs to The Crayon Initiative.
  3. Send your Crayons to the Geeks Crew and we will organize the shipping to The Crayon Initiative! Please message us on one of our social media sites or email us for the address!

For whichever option you choose, please take a picture of your donation (box showing crayons or email confirmation of donation) featuring The Crayon Initiative logo (or sticker that you print for the boxes) and post it on one of our many social media pages: Twitter (@GGeeklets), Facebook (GeeksandGeeklets), Instagram (@geeksandgeeklets), Tumblr (geeksandgeeklets), or Google+ (Geeks and Geeklets). Make sure you tag us and The Crayon Initiative (@ShareYourColors) ! Once you do that you will be entered into the giveaway where you will have a chance to win either a POP figurine or a WoW pet from the groups below! Contest ends October 31st 2015!

2015-09-15_8-07-18 Bliz Pets

Please make sure you help us spread the word by sharing this post! We cannot wait to see all of your pictures and great donations going to this awesome cause!


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