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Originally posted 2016-05-02 17:00:13.

Okay, I’ll admit, I have hopped off of the World of Warcraft train.  But I’ll save that for an entirely different post.  In my urge to play an MMORPG, I have been exploring Free To Play Options, ranging from Perfect World Entertainment, Felspire, and a few other browser type games that I didn’t stick with.

I have previously played Tera, and I forgot how much I actually enjoyed the game.  I’m going to break down some of my favorite aspects to the game, along with some of the cons.

Fighting Style

The fighting style is so different from WoW or Perfect World International.  It’s an action combat system, which allow you to dodge, move around, utilize the mouse much more, and gives you complete freedom in target selection.  I really dig this aspect.  Most skills do not require you to lock onto your targets, which also means you can miss, but you basically point and click to shoot.  Personally, this makes me feel that much more connected to my character and the game.  There are some skills, like with the Ranger class, that do have lock-on target skills.

I must confess, I have not played any tanking classes.  I am not fond of melee, and have only dabbled in a few different melee-type classes.  Speaking of classes, this brings me to my next point:

Tera is always adding new classes.  ALWAYS.

It seems like every time I take a break from Tera and come back, there’s at least ONE new class added.  I think I’ve seen four new classes total since I’ve officially started playing, and it has only been maybe two years, possibly even less.  This is fantastic for people like me who are alt-a-holics.  Down side is, newer classes tend to be more OP (If anyone who’s played, remember Gunners? Amirite?), and everyone wants to create them to test them out.

Tera’s Character Creation + Skill Points

Tera does a great job with providing some character diversity and customization.  Compared to WoW, it’s amazing.  However, against games like Blade and Soul and Perfect World, it sucks.  Perfect World and Blade and Soul allows you to adjust every aspect of your character, Tera only allows basic face feature adjustments (OK, I like bigger boobs on my characters as that reflects my body image, so I tend to adjust boob, thigh, hips, waist, and upper body sizes accordingly), and doesn’t allow much customization when it comes to body shape and so on.

Skill points – OH thank god I can’t mess up how much vitality or Intellect classes need – there isn’t any of that in this game.  I must warn you, I am terrible at socketing items as I’m still learning.  I imagine that adding crystals to gear is a big portion of the game, but I still do not have a character at max level and frankly I’m just enjoying the fighting/grinding portion of the game and haven’t paid too much attention to gear stats.  Not having the skill points really helps me out as I am notorious for making my characters glass cannons or not tanky but not doing much damage and just sort of mediocre.  I’d rather not deal with that at all to be honest, and this is also one of my favorite pro’s about the game.

Tera is Free To Play.

Alright, number one pro about Tera: It’s free to play.  It does offer some subscription options with perks and benefits, including higher rate of recovery for harvesting ores, plants, and energies (Which is fantastic for those of us who enjoy professions).  Down side is, Tera has a cash shop.  And if you’re like me, mounts and fashion = guilty pleasure.  Luckily, there is no constant advertisement or sale to purchase in-game currency, and from what I can tell most of the items purchasable do not directly affect your character… However there are some items that do.  So far it seems like cashing does not make you an instant winner in the game.  Which is something I REALLY like, because I can’t afford to put money into a game, but I do enjoy grinding and working hard to create/buy/find gear.  Speaking of gear…

Professions in Tera

Gathering in Tera is simple, and ores, plants, and the energy crystals are marked on your mini map so you literally cannot miss them.  And they seem super abundant.  However, there is a cap on how many items you can gather and create in this game, and sometimes gathering can fail.  Tera offers a nice benefit for Elite status, but still does not eliminate that cap.

You can do every single profession, professions require recipes and blueprints but can be bought from NPCs and are also dropped by mobs.

Tera has some AMAZING graphics.  

No words needed, just enjoy:


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Overall, I love Tera.  I would rate it 8/10: Free to play is amazing, however lack of character creation for me kinda sucks.  Cash shops always suck me in eventually, I hate that but free to play games have to make money some how, so it’s understandable.  New content and classes are released often, and professions and gathering skills are fun and not a pain in the butt.
If you want to check out the game, I’m currently playing on Mount Mount Tyrannas, a PvP server.  Feel free to join me, or we can start up a new toon together on some of the other servers if need be!

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