Talents and Changes

Originally posted 2010-07-19 08:34:09.

Last week, Restokin discussed some great suggestions for improving the talent trees and Cannot be Tamed did a wonderful job previewing the new talent and ability changes. Now, I do not want to go into great detail about the changes, as they have already outlined everything. However, I would like to just talk about what I think about a few of these changes.

Talent Trees

I feel torn about this issue. In one hand I love that the talent trees are getting smaller and more concise. One the other hand, the previewed talent trees feel a bit…lacking. I also hate that I would need to get talents, that can be seen as a bit useless in order to advance in my tree. I thought there was going to be some variety, however it looks like that is all gone. The trees seem simplistic, forcing us to get talents we would never buy normally. It sorta seems like we “HAVE” to use these talents to be a good healer and there is no other real choice. Now I know that most everyone has the same spec, but it wasn’t magically given to us. There was work and effort that went into finding out which spec worked the best. For Cata it seems like it will just be a given. But being in Beta I still have hope that things can change.

One of my burning talent tree questions is why is everything give you a special at 25% or lower health? I know that if we were all sitting at 25% today I would be feeling a wipe coming on. I want to know what has changed across the board for raids that lets this possible. I am hoping I can read more of the info about Beta and see what Blizzard has up their sleeves.


Lifebloom – Only active on one target…Ok I get it. This is now suppose to be a tank only heal. Cool. But really what is the point?  What about the poor second and third tanks in the multi tank fights? No Lifeblooms for them!

Regrowth – 2 second cast but 35% of base mana…ouch! I read they were making this our flash heal with a HoT. I had no idea it would cost this much!

Nourish – Costs very little mana, but a 3 second cast?! Oh my word…

Healing Touch – VERY expensive mana wise. 38% base?! 3 second cast…but great heals. This cannot be used often.

Tranquility – Now heals target’s party. 🙁 I was really hoping for a cool raid wide spell! I know I know that would be COMPLETELY over powered, but fun! Lower cooldown of 8 min is nice.

Rebirth – now 30 min cooldown. Eh we have had it like this before. 10 min was nice though. At least we could count on it every fight and could maybe save someones bad decision.

I guess we still have a while before the xpac, but some of these new features are a bit disheartening. However, I will still love my tree….oh wait what tree! I still would like to see what they are doing about a minor glyph for Tree Form. I would miss it so much!

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