Summer Time Fun!

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It is summer, though in some places it might not seem like it (Burr!), and kids are just about to get out of school. As some of you parents know, once kids are cooped up in the house for a day or two, they can get stir crazy, heck even parents get stir crazy. But sometimes, especially with working parents, hanging outside and playing might not be possible since many evenings and weekends are used for cooking, cleaning, and general (non-fun) adult stuff.  It is hard to get over the hurdle of leaving chores unfinished to go have fun as a family. But here are some ideas for you and your littles that will make you want to leave the chores behind and have fun.

Make Food Together

You can make some cookies for ice cream sandwiches, how about some frozen popsicles, or even some ice cream to beat the heat! Teach the teens how to grill up some burgers or have a bonfire cookout night where you can cook hotdogs and roast some marshmallows. Not only will you be making a delicious treat for the family, the kids will have a blast cooking with you.

remy baking

Memory Books!

My daughter is a huge fan of bugs, collecting leaves, and picking flowers. She always wants me to take pictures of random bugs she finds and to keep all the leaves and flowers she collects. Since I do not want to keep just a pile of leaves and flowers lying around, we are going to make a memory book of all the things she has collected this summer. I have been taking pictures of all her bug friends and am working on pressing flowers and leaves! Once pressed, we are going to place the pictures and items in a scrapbook for summertime memories.

IMG_2639 IMG_2640

Plant a Garden

Gardens are great! Not only can you grow some delicious and fresh veggies and herbs, but you can also teach your child responsibility when they are taking care of their garden. You can start out small and just do a few items in a pot or build a large garden box! You kids will enjoy watching their plants grow and be excited when they can finally eat what they have taken care of.




Head out for a picnic at a park or even in your own backyard! Pack a lunch with your children and grab that blanket so you can have fun eating outside.

Board Game Fun!

Institute board game night where you rotate picking and playing a board game together. Try out Yahtzee, Monopoly,Payday, and more! They make great version of older board games for kids too like Yahtzee Jr or  Monopoly Jr! Pull out the classics or try to find a new family favorite.


Road Trip

Have a little bit of time off but unsure what to do? Take a road trip to some places that are close to you and create a road trip kit for your littles! You can make an activity binder for the long trips or create a memory box for the trip if you would like to create a fun way for your children to remember their trip their own way.

Road Trip Memory Box!

To create this awesome box you will need to following:

  1. Shoebox or similar sized rubbermaid container
  2. Disposable camera
  3. Journal/Diary
  4. Pencils, Pens, Markers
  5. Map of area you will be traveling
  6. Stickers
  7. Photo Album – not to include in the box but for after the photos are developed!

Let your child take pictures with the disposable camera of the trip along the way. Have them not only grab shots of landmarks but also of things they find interesting (you might need a few cameras!). Encourage them to write down what they liked about each place they visited and how much fun they are having on the trip. Draw your route on the map and place stickers at each location you will stop at so your kids can follow along as you drive! Have them collect travel brochures at rest stops and put them in the memory box!

What do you like to do with your kids during the summer?


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