Strawberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs

Originally posted 2015-08-31 12:00:22.

For today’s Pinterest recipe attempt, I found strawberry cheesecake fat bombs. Sounds kinda yummy and scary all at the same time. Either way I totally love cheesecake, so finding a way to have it that falls into the “diet” sounds like a great plan to me! I am sure you can make these with other types of fruit, but I have piles of frozen strawberries so I used those.

The recipe can be found here, on lowcarbsosimple:

I, however, didn’t really follow any of the instructions. I thought about it but, I don’t own silicone muffin liner things or the mini cupcake pans, and I wasn’t about to go buy some just to try out this recipe.  I ended up just dumping mine all into a container and putting that in the freezer. DSCF4719 With any luck I’ll end up with some amazing ice cream type concoction!  I also started with doubling the recipe, it didn’t look like very much when I started.

Ingredients:  1/2 c strawberries ( I used frozen ones) 3/4 c cream cheese, 1/4 c butter, 2 tbsp honey (she uses stevia and I don’t like it) and 1 tbsp vanilla

I didn’t follow any of her instructions really, instead I dumped everything into my food processor and then let it mix it all until it was pretty much smooth and the strawberries were all ground up.

I had a spoonful before sticking the container in the freezer and wow! I can’t believe this stuff is approved. I spent years under the impression that all really yummy things were bad for you! This stuff is amazing! So if you are including dairy in your diet AND you require some extra fat, this stuff is totally amazing and will get rid of a sweet tooth in a hurry!

Now DSCF4720hopefully when I get it out of the freezer it will be of an ice cream texture and I can just have some with a spoon!


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