Sourdough Bread

Originally posted 2016-04-11 12:00:38.

download (1)Thanks to Miss WoWMeaghan on the team here, I have recently started checking out all the wonderful benefits of sourdough bread! I really love bread, but it doesn’t love me very much, rumour has it that super yummy, amazing sourdough bread is better for your tummy than regular bread. So we decided to have a go making some! Now from what I have read sourdough is like the holy grail of bread baking, so many things can ruin the whole thing and it’s not a very forgiving thing to make. This may just end in complete disaster! If you want to tag along for the ride feel free, I began my starter this morning and will be posting regular updates on how it’s going!

The recipe I am going to use for the starter is here: Sourdough Bread Starter. That website has carried me through many many different recipes and I am really hoping it all works well for this one too!

20151125_110748 (1)To start off we need 3/C + 2Tbsp of white flour, and 1/2C of water. I used warm water, you mix the pair in a bowl that you don’t plan on using any time soon, until it forms an elastic, sticky dough. Cover lightly with a lid or plastic wrap and set aside. It says to keep the temp between 70-75F ish and attempt to keep it constant.

We keep this up for 3 more days, adding the water and flour to the bowl and mixing, then covering. On the fifth day it should be ready to use, but I guess we’ll see when we get there later this week!

If you start with today with me, leave a comment! Good luck!