So I Used To Be A…

Originally posted 2010-09-30 11:16:26.

I was not always the Druid you all know and love today. In fact, I was very intimidated by the description of the Druid in the little game booklet that came with WoW. Now, I had always enjoyed healing in other games that I played and was consistently the healer when I would play games like World of Darkness and D&D. But just looking at the healing classes, I did not think I wanted that kind of responsibility on my shoulders, especially being new to the game.

So I poured over the class descriptions, taking my time to understand what I wanted to play. Then I reached the “W’s” and saw a name that caught my attention: Warlock. A pure damage class that was tied to demons and could have pets! I was blown away and instantly knew what I wanted to play. I loaded the game and Calencil was born. I really loved playing her. I destroyed unsuspecting mobs, they never even knew what hit them. And those bores! Ha! I laughed at the little things. Oh and when I got my pets! What a wonderful feeling I would get, even though they were a PAIN in the butt to get.

I was a complete WoW noob and had pretty much no idea what I was doing, since this was only the second MMO I played and the first was Star Wars. However, I did research and learned what it meant to be a DPS class in raids and in dungeons. I was blowing things away, well at least in my mind I was.

On the side I started a little Druid. I thought the shapeshifting aspect of the game seemed neat, and I really wanted a Night Elf. I played her little by little, not really focusing on her as my main, I was all consumed by the Lock of Doom!

Everything changed the day I was told about add ons. Again, I was a WoW noob. To explain my noobness I was not even in a guild and was just running around like a chicken with my head cut off! So I got the all important add on Damage Meter (I really cannot remember if this was what it was called, but this is what I refered to it as). And so begins the downfall of Calencil…

I became….obsessed, as it were, with being the best (cue the Pokemon theme song). I worked hard as DPS, I was number one on the meter a lot, but there were times when I fell behind and I was just so frustrated. I found the best spec, grabbed the best gear and pulled off the perfect rotation, cheering at myself for doing great and wanting the quit the game every time I was challenged. Little did I know that Damage Meter was the bane of existence for anyone with a competitive bone in their body and all 206 bones in my body were itching to be better than anyone else.  I started to hate looking at her especially when I was grouped with people who raided (which again as a complete noob, I had no idea where to even begin that). I was hating WoW and how it made me feel.

Now, I know that to most people this is all pretty lame to get this angry about a game situation and add on, but it really bothered me at the time (I will admit now that when I DPS, if I ever DPS that is, I still try my hardest to be high on the charts, but it really does not drive or consume me anymore). Calencil was getting played less and less and my druid was getting played more and more. After my debacle with DPS, I decided to go Restoration with the Druid. I fell in love with her more and more everyday.

Eventually, I did not even log on Calencil anymore. My Druid was great. I loved healing and I was actually good at it! I did not care if I was “number one in heals” because if everyone is alive we all win right? I liked the mentality of being the healer and it is who I really am. 

Sarindre was born and she has been my main ever since! I will be a healer in WoW no matter what and will be sticking with my Druid for as long as WoW is around.

So I am interested: What was your first character and why? Did you stick to it? If not what made you switch and why? What do you play now?

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I am a 29 year old from Pennsylvania. I am married to a wonderful husband and we have two children both named after super heroes! A girl who is 4 and a boy who is 1. Most of my time is spent working, being a mom, and gaming.