Six Little Things

Originally posted 2017-02-16 17:00:10.

They say that the best things in life are free.
They also say the best things in life aren’t “things”, but moments captured in time. “They” have a lot to say about a lot of things apparently.

My six little things that make my day better vary from second to day, moment to event, packing to life altering change. There are a few constants that do make my list though permanently, as they are perfect just as they are, and can centre, ground, and calm me like nothing else.

In no particular order, here they are usually:

  • Chocolate. When it’s good, it’s aces. Yes, there is bad chocolate out there, and I’m a firm believer that “even bad chocolate is at least chocolate” is tantamount to a treasonous comment, so I think simply stating that GOOD chocolate is on my list. Mediocre chocolate is sometimes passable in a necessitated pinch (have you ever seen a truly Hangry Woman!? You understand then, hand over the chocolate and no one gets hurt!), but bad chocolate (grainy, improperly created, should-be-illegal kinds of chocolate like Hershey’s – sorry not sorry, truth is sometimes painful for some to read!) is wrong and a no-no at all costs.
  • A cat purring. Or multiple cats – though to be quite honest, I’m good with just one positively resonating whiskered creature bringing contentment and mini vibes (I’d say vibration, but I know some people will immediately go to the naughty zone with that thought and think vibrator/pussy comment, you cheeky lil so and so’s!) and happy sounds to my ears. Nothing can calm me faster than a cat’s purr. Incredible therapy to interact (don’t say pet the pussy… gah, you people are killin’ me!) with a feline and connect with them in such a wonderful way.
  • Cinnamon. This might seem like an odd one for a list of happy, but it’s true. I realise I can’t say “I want cinnamon in everything!” because that’s not a true or accurate statement, but I can attest to the fact that my world is better when I have copious forms and means of delivering the cinnamon to my face and particularly olfactory sense. Currently, I have gum, candy, toothpaste, sticks, powdered [ground] form, and even mints. If I could find more formats, I’d do it. Car freshener? SURE. Laundry detergent? I’m pretty sure the hubs wouldn’t appreciate that as much as I would, but maybe I should contact some investors just in case…
  • Laughter. Yes, I realise this might be construed as an obvious one, but think about how often you actually laugh in a day. I mean the kind that aches your sides, makes you wipe tears, and has you gasping for breath? The kind you make horribly funny sounds because of, and incites others to do the same? Laughter can change an entirely otherwise shitty day into one that you give a side smile to and a bit of a nod and chuck it into the ‘not so bad after all’ day box of memories. Laughter can unite, inspire, reward, and uplift. It can bring peace where there could be incredible tension, and it’s an incredibly effective universally understood communication device. It can create friendships, seal bonds, and yes, even be used in nefarious ways, but let’s hope there’s not as much of that as there is good laughter in the universe! [[[[[[[[p;;;0;
  • Silence. I not only crave it, I NEED it to function properly. I have never been a “jack up the tunes, I’ve got a chapter to write” kinda girl. I’m a white-noise kinda girl instead. Laptop fan hum. Fingers on keyboard or paper being scritched/scratched with a pen(cil). A/C blaring [[though currently from where I sit I’m looking out the window as I type this at snow drifts, so a/c isn’t really a necessity for me for a few more days – literally, but more on that in a few more days!]]; I have a host of lovely calming sounds – including the aforementioned best one: a cat’s purr.
  • Alone time. I realise this might come off sounding vain or even selfish, but I NEED my alone time each day. Something something darkside otherwise. I am fine for spending a few hours with people, but I need that time away to regroup and just sit in my own head. I’ve become very content with having that time, and am honestly better to deal with on a whole when I’ve had sufficient time to do my independent projects. I’m all for being a team player, but I need the autonomy to walk away and just do my own thing and not be microfuckingmanaged every step of the way. Grinds my gears? And how!


Today I wish I had ice cubes in this place, a better set of room-darkening blinds (I’m getting over 15 days straight of a fucked up migraine, so I’m still super photosensitive to the light); a desk… oh how I wish I had a desk; INK FOR MY PRINTER (still waiting for that since last September), a treadmill – it’s too intense with the sun to go for walks in the afternoon down here. I MISS MY SNOW. < Well, I guess that’s #6 for today. I want some damn snow.

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