Sittin’ In the Impala

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So, Taiga (Ty) is chillin’ in the Impala, waiting for everyone to come back out from the Umbra, so they can all head out to the creepy abandoned multiplying samurai guard-filled Ohio mall.

Ty doesn’t do well in vehicles. This one smells like a mixture of anxiousness and regret and bad decisions and a tinge of desperate rage. There’s also something that if Ty had to, she’d call it loneliness and a desire to be optimistic.

She’s not a fan of tech, but this car is old, and has the hand crank windows that are good for her to get some fresh air. It’s delightfully chilly outside; not nearly as cold as Ty would like it, but there’s at least snow on the ground. Her light hoodie is unzipped, and her old Def Leppard tank top is visible if anyone from the Caern happened to look through the windshield at her. The exploding building was mostly faded away after hundreds of washings in the cold water, against the shores of Lake Ontario and the Hudson Bay, but it was her favourite and she’d part with it when she drew her final breath. The hoodie was Aisha’s idea, because at least then Ty could at least appear a bit less… unique and stand out a little less as well in public.
The cuffs were threadbare and there were large thumb holes from where the seams had given way well over three years ago. Just a cursory glance would give anyone the impression Taiga was homeless from her clothes. Honestly, she never gave that much credence though, as she only wore them long enough to pass through the Homid world undetected.

She knew this time was going to be different though. She was going to have to actually stick around and might even have to worry about the summer temps in the south again. Well, south to her at least. Anything south of Lake Ontario was too damn warm for her liking most days of the year.

The idea that she is sitting so close to so many werewolves alone bothers her. She can smell them. Five kilometers from the damn outskirts she could smell wet puppy. She had scowled, but she doubts anyone other than maybe Dean had witnessed it, before she did a pretty accurate switch into a sniffle. She watched him raise an eyebrow but only smirked and looked out the backseat passenger window silently. Did he know it was the smell of the wolves that did that to her? Maybe she’d ask him when they all got back to the car.

“Look for the… bear necessities…” She started to sing to herself, not even realising that the song had been triggered in her mind from Jake calling her Baloo earlier. So much had happened since just meeting everyone an hour and a half ago.

She nearly lost her surrogate baby, again. She knew she had to stop calling Aisha that, but she couldn’t help it. The girl seemed to be destined to drive Taiga insane with worry. But she had a bond with her that was not a typical one. It had been sealed with magic and kept from everyone but the closest members of Aisha’s own pack. Kon, Razzi, Gwon, and Blitzer – well, not that Ty called him that. It was always to give proper reverence to his home name, so she called him Jalal. The brutal deaths of Razzi and Jalal, and the subsequent death of Kon when Aisha lost all but the scrap of her life at the hands of that festering pile of ash, StormCrow had sent Taiga down from the north once again, but she was held up when she was taken to a Caern of Silver Fangs near the Canada/USA border, refusing to let her through. Ty knew better than to run for the border in full ursine, and should have went to through the Umbra as she had done on previous meetings, but fear pushed her to do horribly foolish things.

In the end, the Silver Fangs only relented and released her after her Griz-cousins arrived to dispute the issue. This wasn’t the first time, and she knew it wouldn’t be the last with the stupid puppies. Only Razzi, who didn’t have a choice in her birth tribe, was a decent Silver Fang.

She had to stop thinking about negative things from the past. She was going to make the effort this time. She was going to let bygones exist, and acknowledge that there was a puppy who was calling the shots for people Aisha wanted her to protect and help with.

Aisha had left simple but a clear request: Please stay and help. How could Ty not stay and help? She knew scant few details, but she could tell this bunch were the good stock. Well, maybe not her level of good, but she was a bit of a goodie-two-shoes according to some of her Griz-cousins. The ones who saw the scars and laughed that no one that sweet and kind could be that ferocious and blood-thirsty. They had never seen anyone she really cared about put in harm’s way.

So she sat. In the car, not touching anything, afraid she’d break something, and wishing like fuck the wind would gale and blow ice and snow into the car and chill her boiling skin. She wouldn’t be able to sleep in this heat, and she knew that the only way she’d get a good proper sleep again is if she was back in that freezer at BMR.

She wanted desperately to get out of the car and lay on the ground, bury herself in the snow, but then she’d be so vulnerable to attack from those puppies. She had to stop referring to them as such, or she’d likely piss off the one who was Alpha of the pack; and that pack was a pretty damn weird organisation of creatures, that’s for sure.

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