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I love animated movies.
I love musicals.
I love animated musicals.
I’m not even going to apologise for how much I love them.

I’ve waited WAY too long to see SING, and I am seriously lacking in my movie content for this year. In fact, I think this is the first movie I’ve seen in 2017. Yes, it’s nearly April. PITY ME.

BUT I did finally get to see Sing.

Okay, FTF: Cast. I’m gonna say “plays” – because let’s face it, voice acting takes a lot of skill and it is not just standing behind a microphone and babbling words. These people have to put emotion, heart, and everything they can convey with their live action body language simply into their voices. Hats off to them. I’ve done a few little voice acting things (no, I’m not on IMDB, come back here and finish reading this review!) – and I know how labourious these can be. They can be redoing these lines for hours, and still get called back at the very end to make sure that syncing is perfect, tone, vibrato, resonance, etc… and then adding singing to it on top of that, DANG, these people get mad respect from me.

Main Cast:
Matthew McConaughey plays Buster Moon. Adorable koala with a head full of lofty dreams and ZERO business sense.

His bestie, Eddie (the Sheep) is played by none other than the absolutely amazing John C. Reilly. I mean, this dude is one of the best character actors in the business. I adore hime to bits.

Reese Witherspoon (this woman has the pipes!! but I know we all saw that before in Walk the Line!) is the stressed to the max with 25 kids and a despondent husband (played by my third favourite Parks and Rec human, Nick Offerman) Rosita and she is phenomenal in this role; no shock, just confirming what you already guessed walking into the movie.

Ash is played by Scarlett Johansson – yeah, That ScarJo. Yeah. Her. Black Widow. Ghost in the Shell (have yet to see that one!!!) – She’s fab. Aces all the way – and the fact that she plays a hedgie of doom?!? AAAAH!!! I’m loving her even more!

Mike – the *cough* douchey smarmy stuck-up pretentious streetwise mouse with the pipes of Sinatra is played by Seth MacFarlane… yes, Ted creator, voice of Peter Griffin, and Stan Smith. How this man can do what he does with his voice blows my mind. Exceptionally played (and obviously quite believable in character, because he gets under your skin and IDK if he really ever redeems himself.)

Miss Crawly: A DUDE (Garth Jennings) plays this incredibly charming glass-eyed lizard

Nick Kroll plays Gunther, and I will say if he was going for insufferable, DING DING DING cookie for Nick.

Johnny is Taron Egerton (I’m not sure why that surprised me, well, other than the fact I didn’t know who Taron was before I did the IMDB and realised he was completely different than I was expecting.) He’s great in the film, and a bit of a scene stealer.

Meena is played by Tori Kelly, and I honestly wish I knew more about this human IRL because that voice though… wow.

A few others I’m gonna name:
Nana is played by two people – the younger is not going to be a shock when I say Jennifer Hudson. That woman can sing. Mad love for that beauty with the pipes. Her speaking “older” voice is done by a lady named Jennifer Saunders, and I honestly had to IMDB her as well.
Rhea Pearlman (Ros on Cheers if you’re as old as me and remember that), Leslie Jones (Ghostbusters Revamp and SNL), Jay Pharoah, and too many more to list in just a review – go watch it!

Wonder and magic don’t come easy, pal.

The opening scenes for this movie are fast, catchy, and perfect for younger viewers to grip their attention. Smart thinking on the part of the creators, as they know they need flashy fun bits in order to keep people entertained. The zipping around the city is a bit nauseating to be honest, but if you aren’t watching it on a tiny 13” laptop screen like I was in the bright glare, you might be better off. I did love the touch with the salmon stairs though. That made me giggle.

You get to meet the main cast in that opening flashing montage, and a glimpse at the reason for their passion or their need to be brave.

In fact, they honestly could have named this film SING BRAVE or just BRAVE and it would have been true. Each character has to go through something pretty heavy in order to be brave enough to sing. Yes, even douchey Mike the Mouse.

Those Red Pandas – The Q-Teez Girls were slaying me every time they came on the screen. I really wish I knew what he said to them (I did not have subtitles… I shall now go look!!!)
So apparently, there is a widely discussed and not concrete answer out there (Quora, you disappoint me!) – From what I can gather, he either tells them they smell or they are sloppy. Or both. Or something else completely.

SQUID POWER. I’m not even gonna ruin this. It’s just epic. The film got a star just for this alone.

Now, here’s the not so great part: and it kinda comes with a touch of a spoiler, but it is near the end of March, and most people have probably already seen it. If you’ve got kids, and you have the movie in your home, you’ve likely seen it about a dozen times already at least, so not really spoiling it…

There are 5 issues I have with this movie.

  • There are some pretty heavy themes in here that will more than likely go over the younger kids’ heads, but those who are developing their critical thinking skills might have need to talk through a bunch of them.
  • Depression is NEVER that easily gotten over. I do however love the idea that Eddie refuses to let Buster go it alone in the world. No matter what. Reminds me of what one of my besties posted to my wall a couple days ago – even if I don’t have a clue what she’s talking about, I’m always game for what she wants to do. She wants to sing with rhinos? Well then, I’m gonna support that! (I don’t think it was rhinos in the post though… probably something safer than trying to get a rhino to do an aria from Carmen…)
  • BECKY with the good hair perhaps? < Just gonna leave that as it is, and say LOL to many levels if that is what was really going on.
  • There has been serious talk about the fact that this movie, though it is ANIMALS is portraying a racist stereotype of all the different groups of animals. I’m not about to start a drama that doesn’t need to happen – I’m going to say this. There are voice actors who are involved who have different accents and if someone wants to split fur strands over how an elephant sounds versus how a pig sounds and try to make them a racial profiling issue, they need to just stop. There is no ulterior motive to this movie. There is real racism in the world. Please focus on educating people on how to be better humans, rather than trying to find it and boycotting something out of a desire to be a social justice warrior for no reason whatsoever. If you want to see something negative in a flower, you’re going to see only the one damaged leaf instead of the entire phenomenal flower.
  • The subjects that might scare a few younger aged children might be a good jumping off point for discussing things like talking to strangers, trying out to be something better than just the “norm” of society, and daring to be different. I think they kinda fell short in this area, but that’s my only actual plot gripe. I just wanted more singing and more story. I guess I wanted an extra hour…

Don’t get me wrong, I still think it deserves 8.5/10.

I rate movies on the ability to make me cry. 

I watch most movies alone, so I can properly appreciate (and emote without ridicule) the talent, dedication to craft, and the actual story that I’m being gifted.

These people give us a gift every time they go to work. They make our orange-filled days a bit less frightening, even if it is just for an hour or two. They make us laugh when we are depressed. They make us have hope that if a little koala can have his hair-brained schemes come to fruition (come on, you had to know that it would be a success, it’s a kid’s movie, not Dog Day Afternoon! << EXCELLENT MOVIE BTW), maybe we can shake it off, keep standing, grab Becky’s glasses, set it all free, our way, and not worry ‘bout a thing.

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