Salsa Stuffed Bacon Chicken

Originally posted 2015-09-24 11:39:23.

This is another staple in our house, when in doubt, salsa stuffed, bacon wrapped chicken goes on the menu.  At this point generally every meal comes with a giant salad if you’re wondering what we eat with this!


Ingredients: Chicken breasts, salsa, bacon

This is by far the simplest meal, and even then it is the absolute favorite of everyone that lives here!  Start by slices the chicken breasts, try and not go all the way through so you have a little pocket area to put the salsa.  Once you are done carefully spoon some salsa into the pocket you made.  I don’t generally make fresh salsa for this, I do however spend time in the fall canning some salsa for the year.  They don’t generally last very long around here, so by winter we are buying it again at the store.  The first time I made this I totally forgot all about things like germs until I had already 20150904_153553stuck my slimy chicken spoon into the big jar of salsa.  Totally a DUH moment there, and had to throw out a whole jar 🙁  Now I am much smarter and put some salsa into a cup and then spoon from there! I will also suggest working with one at a time at this point.  Once you spoon the salsa in, head straight to bacon wrapping.  This keeps the salsa from falling all over the place and making an ever bigger mess!

The first couple times I made this I used toothpicks as suggested in the recipe. I 20150904_154600did learn eventually how to wrap the bacon and tuck in the edges so that the toothpicks weren’t necessary. I have pretty much forgotten what the recipe calls for at this point when it comes to baking the chicken.  I honestly put it in at 375 and it takes about 45 mins, and I wait until the bacon is crispy.  I am also paranoid about chicken so I have a tendency to overcook a tiny bit, so I wait until internal temp hits about 200, I know they say you can do less, but paranoid.

Hope you guys give this a try! It’s so quick, so easy and so delicious!  I likely should have taken a better picture, like with the salad or something, but I took that one, it’s all cooked in it’s messy pie plate!


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