Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

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Is there really a resto druid healing rotation? Yes and No I would say.

Tank healing is a bit different than raid healing. Usually you will find Resto Druids on raid, however they can still be effective tank healers if they need to be.

Tank Healing Focus –

Right before or right as a tank is running into battle I will HoT them with a Regrowth and Rejuvenation and I will continue to roll these two HoTs on the tank during the fight. Then I will use Nourish to supplement healing until I cast Regrowth again. For intense damage fights, I can spam Nourish (almost like a Flash of Light spam) very effectively. I will also throw Wild Growths on the tank, which will in turn hit everyone around them (especially useful in raid damage fights or fights when both tanks take damage). If I run into any danger situations, I will Natures Swiftness/Healing Touch the tank. As most of you know, Nourish is a smaller heal than most other healers quick heals. If I run into trouble (ie fear or cleaves)and cannot keep the tank consistently up, I will use NS/HT to stabilize them. Then continue to HoT and Nourish to keep the tank at full.

Raid Healing Focus –

Even when I am raid healing, I will still keep the tanks running HoTs. No matter what because when tanks die, its over! So tanks are priority one. For the raid, I will throw a Rejuvenation on each person when I know raid damage is occurring. (Think Devastate on Precious). I will also cast Wild Growth when party members are standing close enough together to receive the healing. This is great for melee targets. If I find that only one or two members are taking mass amounts of raid damage, I will cast Regrowth on them along with Rejuvenation. This will heal them to full and will keep them with HoTs on for further damage. I find that I can usually just throw a Rejuvenation on a target and they will be healed to full very quickly.

There are a few heals the Resto Druid has that I do not use except in specific situations. These would be Lifebloom, Tranquility, and Healing Touch.

Lifebloom – Costs way too much mana for what it provides. This is 28% of your base mana, for me this is around 842 mana. This is just for one stack and it is most effective at rolling 3! Yes this spell has an great amount of healing, but you will be out of mana before 1/4th of the fight is over.

Tranquility – I like this spell but I find very few instances to use it (except in a few ICC fights: Devastate FTL)  This spell heals everyone from the party standing in it for a massive amount every 2 seconds but cost 70% of base mana. Plus the 8 minute cool down does not allow you to use this heal all the time.

Healing Touch – Unless glyphed and specced correctly, this spell is a 3 second cast and cost around 1200 mana. Now again, there are many variables available if you have certain talents and glyphs but with the spec that is most effective, this is not viable. It is worth the NS/HT to bring a person up in an emergency though.

That s my normal spell “rotation” when I am raiding.

Up next…Mana oh mana!

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