Riders of Icarus Game Review

Originally posted 2016-07-08 17:00:44.

I have been waiting for Open Beta to launch since I discovered this game on my Steam Queue. For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with pets, and once I started playing World of Warcraft and was introduced to BM Hunters, my world was forever changed.  Sadly, my passion for WoW has decreased over the past few months, so I’ve been trying to find a free to play replacement game.  And I’ve found it.

This game is BM Rare taming pets on acid. And so far in my gameplay there hasn’t been an insane amount of spawn wait time. But certain beasts do require items that require farming and crafting, which can be time consuming, especially if RNG is not on your side.  Not to mention, taming is not 100% and random.

Here is my beloved Taslan the Devourer, my first beast that required a specific tomb to attempt to tame.  He was the last beast I needed to complete my collection to receive a special reward, and after Googling for about an hour I was prepared to kill mobs for hours to try to get a few of the tombs required to tame him.  As luck was on my side, along with those pesky RNG Gods, I got one tome drop in five minutes and successfully tamed him on my first try.

Taslan The Devourer

Taslan The Devourer, one of the last beasts I needed to tame in the starting area.

Spiders not your thing?  There are PLENTY of different tamable beasts, from Unicorns to Kangaroos to exotic Birds.  There are Dragons for you Game of Thrones lovers, and bonus! They fly!  Not only can you tame mounts, but you can transform them into pets that fight by your side.  While I love the fighting aspect, I do not like that you can’t have a fighting pet summoned along with a mount pet.  There’s also an issue about Mount storage space – you’re only given several slots to keep your favorite mounts, so in order to achieve some of the taming rewards you’ll have to either
1. Purchase more spots or
2.  Let go some of your least favorite beasts.

And if you’re like me, #2 is terrible to do because we love our animals!

Currently, max level is 25… After several days of play I just hit level 10 as a Priest, the only healing class in the game currently.  From speaking with other beta players, I hear there is a new patch coming out sometime later this month to increase the max level.  It can be a slow grind, but if you really enjoy crafting/gathering/mount hunting then you won’t care about how slow you’re leveling.


I must admit, that I have never been a fan of any type of melee classes.  I am a ranged/caster/healer by nature, and so I am not going to comment on the melee game play of Riders of Icarus.  I did not particularly enjoy it, it’s a little slow in my opinion.  However, I did not level up each class as I have with the Priest and Wizard, so I didn’t really give them a fair chance.  You only can currently have 3 characters total for your account.  There’s five classes, so I stuck with what I enjoyed most.

  • Priests
    • By far my favorite class, because they can heal and their damage output isn’t terrible at level 10.  While they are considered more difficult to play than other classes, it just requires a bit more planning on mob aggro and utilizing your skills a bit more effectively.  Being able to self heal is nice though too, because you have that extra ‘cushion’ in case you find yourself in the middle of mobs on accident.  Priests can self buff and buff other players too.
  • Wizards
    • They are supposed to be easier to play than Priests, but honestly with out being able to heal they can get in tough situations too, so it’s important to be aware of aggro and mobs that will spawn back.  Spawn times for this game is pretty darn short, and you can easily find yourself surrounded.  Ranged damage is mighty nice, so far you alternate between fire and frost skills.  My Wizzy is at level 9, as I’ve been really enjoying my Priest after I gave her a try.

Player interaction has been amazing!  Minus the gold selling bots, but people seem super nice and very helpful so far.  Guild’s in this game offer some perks, but I started over on a brand new server yesterday, I haven’t found many guilds yet.  People seem to be focusing on how to play the game, as there is a lot to learn.

One last thing before I go, I am very impressed with the details in this game.  I can’t being to describe it:


Riders of Icarus has blown away my expectations.  It is still in Beta, so there are some glitches still (Like quest givers spawning on top of the terrain we can’t access), or random maintenance, but overall I have not had any issues connecting, playing, and enjoying the game.

Twitch has added Riders of Icarus game category to their site, so I’m hoping this game is planning on staying around for many, many, many, many years.

I look forward to writing more about this game, especially once I figure out how to party up and run dungeons.  I am very excited to heal in a party setting, so make sure you check back for more updates and articles pertaining to Riders of Icarus!

Are you playing Riders of Icarus?  We’d love to hear from you.  What do you love most about it so far?  What is your favorite Mount you’ve collected?

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