Retrospective Thursday Presents: World of Darkness

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Title: World of Darkness

Developer: White Wolf (older) or Onyx Path (current) depending on which book you buy

Platform(s): Tabletop RPG

Release Date(s):1991 – Present

Genre: Sci-fi/Supernatural/Real-World

Players: As many as a GM can emotionally handle.

Kid Friendly Rating: Perhaps 15+, this is completely dependent on the storyteller. This is a more adult series for sure, just look at the books, but if the storyteller keeps it PG, it can be just fine.

Personal Rating: There are so many aspects to the game and systems it runs. Overall I would give it an 8/10 with Mage system being my favorite at 10/10.


Since 1991, World of Darkness has brought players into a world that is grungy, grimy, and at times, frightening. There are two main core systems to focus on old World of Darkness (oWoD) and new World of Darkness (nWoD). The different systems within oWoD are (there are many books and versions for each of the below plus there are other supplement books!):

oWoD also included some historical settings:


nWoD was a complete revamping of the system. The core concepts were still there but there was a lot of streamlining and changes that did occur. These systems that are included in nWoD are:


WoD was originally created to be a single use system. By that I mean, most systems are meant to be stand alone where everyone plays a Vampire and there are no Werewolf or Mage players. While there will be some people that will tell you that is the way the game has to be played, I have never played in or ran a game where we didn’t cross-systems. I am not just talking about the core systems either! We would have Demons in a game that was full of shifters! In the game I am currently running we have 2 Mages, 2 Mokole (weredragons!), a Corax (werebird), and 2 Werewolves. As a storyteller, you just need to make sure that the characters do not have some hatred for one another right away and just want to kill the whole party.


I love this system because it is so fluid and flexible. It has always been the staple of WoD that if you do not like a rule you can change it. Plus I also enjoy that even though you are surrounded by the supernatural, you are still in the real world. There are real jobs, real family members, and real world problems. I would suggest that everyone tries a World of Darkness game at least once in their gaming career.

Does anyone out there have any WoD experience? Any stories you would like to tell?


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