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One of the best, most important things you can do for your body, is to maintain the internal fuel requirements.

We’re going to be looking at ten specific ways to make sure that you’re getting the proper intake, and ways to ensure that you’re actively participating in your healthy eating.

  1. Eating healthy choices helps maintain a weight, and/or stimulates the proper weight loss as directed by a doctor, certified nutritionist, or other professionally educated and accredited nutritional counselor.
    DO NOT assume that just because a celebrity endorses a meal replacement supplement or shake or wrap or anything for that matter, that they know what the hell they are talking about. no, they do not.
    Diet shakes, pills, wraps, and the like are horribly expensive, detrimental, and can lead to a host of actual painful surgery-needed-ailments, including gallbladder issues, kidneys stones, and more.
    please take this seriously. Just because someone is on television and has the name of “Dr”, does NOT mean they are certified to give medical advice, let alone offer anything of value to you, other than what will fill their fucking wallet with money.
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    DO NOT Google search and read one article about a “super food” and think you know everything there is to know about that food, let alone how it will save you.
    DO – and I cannot stress this enough – talk to an actual physician – PhD, MD, GP regarding your health needs.
  2. Eating three (or five if you do it that way) meals a day every day gets your body out of the starvation mode that so many of us go through. It is easy for someone to skip a breakfast, only to try to compensate that dragging lethargic feeling by 10am with copious cups of coffee and stale sugary donuts.
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  3. Eating a balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner does not mean that you have to get the scale out and measure exactly 1/3 of a tsp of brown sugar for your oatmeal (my hubs calls this “grey food”) – it means being mindful of not eating 5 tbsp of raw sugar instead of the oatmeal as a substitute, thinking you’ll have the same benefits.
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  4. Eating properly throughout the day maintains your body’s digestive system, your liver functions properly, and your kidneys are able to do their work as well.
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  5. Eating regularly promotes all the positive enzymes, acids, and other super fluids to make sure that you are processing the adequate amounts of protein, fatty and amino acids, minerals, and discarding the impurities that the body has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to be able to properly work on.
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  6. Eating proper portions helps control cravings between meals. Some people can eat 3 meals and have no snacks during a day and have no issues with hunger. Others need to have smaller meals, and snack throughout the day to maintain their blood-sugar. That “hangry” feeling that people get is really their blood sugar dropping because they aren’t eating enough proper foods throughout the day. ((This isn’t a diabetic issue – those who have type 1 and type 2 diabetes have different requirements and have specific medicines that they have from their educated, qualified doctors)).
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  7. Eating (and obviously drinking) processed foods is not the problem for a lot of people, but rather the amount and the regularity of those meals. Moderate, moderate, moderate. A little won’t hurt. Moderation takes time to balance properly. There are going to be ‘triggers’ and moments when 5 potato chips isn’t nearly enough to sate your desire for sodium. Learning when to stop is going to be the key to being able to have 5 chips now and again, versus not trusting yourself near them for fear of how quickly the entire bag will disappear.
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  8. Eating is not “sinful” or “bad”. Nothing about ‘dieting’ drives me crazier than hearing that something is a ‘forbidden food’. NO NO NO NO NO! If you are diabetic, you know what foods will give you an adverse reaction, just as a celiac who eats gluten, shellfish and peanuts and other anaphylaxtic reactionary foods for allergic person will cause not only pain, but possibly death. I’m not talking about those. I am talking about the majority of people, who don’t have health issues to worry about, having had a lifetime of “a lick of the lips, forever on the hips!” and other horrible cliche sentiments that propel bad body images and perpetuate the systemic issue of overeating/shame/eating disorders/shame… Say it with me now: There are NO forbidden foods. Learning to eat in moderation is the key.
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  9. Eating used to be done as a social event. I realise, especially for most people these days, we generally eat at least two of our meals per day alone, at least during weekdays. This can’t be helped for many people, but the times when we do eat together, they don’t have to be all about shoveling the food as quickly as possible in order to get onto the next thing, back to a show, a computer screen, etc. Slow down, talk. Enjoy the company, and ‘break bread’ with someone as often as possible. Many cultures have strong adherence to family-style meals, and many of their dinner preparations area based off the idea that when it is communal eating, there is a bond that brings people together, to enjoy commonalities and appreciate each other.
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  10. Eating food that is “fit for guests” every day of the week. A lot of us are guilty of this one particularly when we are cooking for one. We don’t add the fun spices and herbs and other goodies to make our food as delicious and rewarding as we do when we are feeding more than one. There’s a mindset attached to this, that we somehow don’t deserve the same level of care and attention that we do for our guests. I’m not saying pull out a porterhouse steak every day of the week. I’m saying don’t just boil a piece of chicken when you really want it baked with rosemary and sea salt and a side of… well, you get the point. Don’t go forgetting your culinary skills and desire to enjoy food because you’re assuming you aren’t worth it. Make the time to enjoy the process, and you’re more likely to enjoy every bite as you savour it, instead of wolfing it down and feeling hungry and empty inside.
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Your stomach acids will learn what you have regularly and begin to stimulate themselves (this is like your cat or dog waking you at 457am when they know they get fed at 5am) – the internal juices get raring and are excited to go about their busy work.

Make sure they are properly doing their jobs, and your body will reward you for that consistent and dedicated schedule of healthy food. ((This doesn’t mean it won’t understand what chocolate is… it just learns that it is a treat, not a meal on its own…))

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