Rated G or Geeks Presents: Big Hero 6

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Title: Big Hero 6

Director: Don Hall and Chris Williams

Release Date: November 7, 2014

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

MPAA Rating: PG

Running Time: 102 minutes


  • Scott Adsit
  • Ryan Potter
  • Alan Tudyk
  • Maya Rudolph
  • James Cromwell

Kid Friendly Rating: Some crude humor, death of a character (off-screen), action and cartoon violence. Recommended 6+. Click here for the Parent Rating Guide! 

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5

Synopsis: Robotics prodigy Hiro lives in the city of San Fransokyo with his aunt and his older brother. While trying to apply to one of the most prestigious schools, Hiro’s brother is killed in a fire. After his brothers death, Hiro becomes recluse until his closest companion, Baymax a robot whose sole purpose is to take care of people, discovers something interesting, it seems like the fire might not have been an accident at all! Hiro is thrown into the middle of a dangerous plot, and he transforms Baymax and his other friends into a band of high-tech heroes as he seeks revenge and justice for this brothers death. 



Memorable Quotes:

Baymax: [upon fist-bumping] : Balalalala

Baymax: [to Hiro, who’s stuck and buried under a pile of action figures] On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?
Hiro: [irritated] Zero.
Baymax: It is alright to cry.
Hiro: No! No, no, no, no, no!
Baymax: [picks up Hiro and holds him like a baby] Crying is a natural response to pain.
Hiro: [jumps out of Baymax’s arms] I’m not crying.
Baymax: I will scan you for injuries.
Hiro: [firmly] DON’T scan me.
Baymax: Scan complete.
Hiro: Unbelievable.
Baymax: You have sustained no injuries. However, your hormone and neurotransmitter levels indicate that you are experiencing mood swings, common in adolescence. Diagnosis: puberty.
Hiro: [surprised] Whoa, what?

Fred: [singing] Six intrepid friends, led by Fred, their leader, Freeeeed! Fred’s Angels, mm-mm-mm! Fred’s Angels, mm-mm-mm! Harnessing the power of the sun with the ancient amulet they found in the attic! Mmm-m-mm! The amulet is green! Mmm-m-mm! It’s prob’ly an emerald…
Wasabi: Fred? I will LASER-HAND you in the face!

Fun Fact: When Baymax first tests out his new rocket fist in Fred’s mansion, the statue that it destroys is a statue of Hans from Frozen.

Final Thoughts: I really enjoyed this movie and thought it was great for kids. There is the sadness aspect when Hiro’s brother dies, but most younger children will not even understand. This movie has strong, positive characters that any parent will be happy to have their children watch. Plus the movie is funny which will entertain both you and your children!

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