Rated G for Geeks Presents: Courage the Cowardly Dog

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Title: Courage the Cowardly Dog (TV Show)

Director: John Diworth

Running Dates: 1999 – 2002

Genre: Animation

Rating: TV-Y7

Running Time: 22 min per episodes

Total Episodes: 52


  • Thea White
  • Marty Grabstein
  • Simon Prebble

Kid Friendly Rating: Moderate cartoon violence such aas kicking and punching. There are a ton of scary moments in the show that feature monsters and ghosts. I would suggests this is acceptable for 7+.  Click here for the Parent Rating Guide

Personal Rating: 6/10


Courage is a small pick dog that is abandoned as a puppy. A farmers wife named Muriel finds him and takes him into their family. Her husband, Eustace, mocks Courage and calls him a “stupid dog” most of the time which is uncalled for since Courage is always rescuing his family from monsters, aliens, and evil ducks! Courage is a cowardly dog but he will overcome all his fears to protect Muriel from all the strange things that happen in Nowhere, Kansas.

I used to watch Courage when I was younger, probably about 13 years old, and I always found it super funny. When looking at Netflix last night, Remy noted Courage the wonderful pink dog in the show lists and wanted to watch it. I thought it would be ok for us to check out again as a family. As we started watching, I was kinda shocked by how scary some of the themes of the show are. There were moments that I felt were too intense for Remy and we would skip along or change episodes all together. Though I was taken a back by this, it has been 15 years since then and I am not surprised that I did not remember these scary elements especially since I was already 13 and things like this were not frightening.

There are many great laughs for the parents like most kids shows feature and there are crazy antics in every episode.



 Memorable Quotes:

Muriel: Courage, you know I can’t hear without my glasses…

Courage: The things I do for love.

Eustace: Stupid dog! You made me look bad!

Fun Fact: The names Muriel and Eustace are taken from the middle names of Chandler Bing and Ross Geller of Friends.

Final Thoughts:  Check out this show before you let your children watch it or make sure they are able to process the scariness as not being real.

Have you seen this show? Give us your thoughts!


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