Rated G for Geek Presents: Drop Dead Fred

Originally posted 2015-05-30 12:39:07.

Title: Drop Dead Fred

Director: Ate de Jong

Release Date: April 19, 1991 (USA)

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Running Time: 103 minutes


  • Phoebe Cates
  • Rik Mayall
  • Marsha Mason
  • Tim Matheson
  • Carrie Fisher

Kid Friendly Rating: Good bit of language (there is an F-bomb),  Some violence,  Might seem scary to small children. Recommended 12+. Click here for Parent Rating Guide!

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5

Synopsis: After a messy split from her husband and moving in with her controlling mother, Elizabeth finds her best friend again…only he is imaginary. Fred was with Elizabeth through her tough childhood and is back to shake things up again. This time Elizabeth is not so willing to accept his help. Instead she tries everything she can to get her life back together. This movie is filled with crazy one-liners, mud pies, and, yes, some dirty jokes.


Memorable Quotes:

[Fred looks up a woman’s dress]
Fred: No panties. No panties.

Fred: I can’t believe we left the party so soon. And there was so much wine to spit around the place.
Elizabeth: I got upset.
Fred: “I got upset.” God, you’re so stupid. You never leave a party ’til the very very end.
Elizabeth: Oh really?
Fred: Yeah really.
Elizabeth: Well what about Cinderella? Remember what happened with her?
Fred: No I don’t remember what happened *with her*. I deliberately forgot all about her. She made me puke. I remember the ugly stepsisters, they were great.

Remake:  Apparently, Russel Brand is going to be playing Drop Dead Fred in a remake of the movie.

Final Thoughts: I loved this movie as a child (frankly I saw it WAY younger than 12, probably about 8), and even more today since I can actually understand all the more “adult” jokes. I feel this is such a classic movie that I loved watching over and over again. Plus…Rik Mayall looks kinda hot in the end (see second picture…not not the one with the crazy hair, the one above that!)

Have you seen this movie? Give us your thoughts!

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