Raiding. Is it in you?

Originally posted 2010-07-26 09:30:13.

Lately, because of the summer months, we have needed to bring in people who normally do not raid much (or who get sat most of the harder fights) into our normal full runs. Now, I am all about bringing in new people to raid with and even, when gear is not needed, letting them come in my place. I like when people get gear because I feel that everyone getting gear helps the raid as a greater whole.

The Story

A few weeks ago we needed a dps for our 10 man run. So we bring in a Mage as a replacement dps, lets just call him MageA. He comes to 25 mans, but is usually rotated out when better dps arrives. However, he is better geared than our TOP dps. Weird huh? Well none of us really knew why the 25 man raid leader would replace him all the time and he was not online at the time, so we think heck let’s just bring him and see how he does. Now, we were on the Plague Quarter, a place we all know and love. We can do Rotface and Festergut on hard so we decided to stick with it since we can usually one shot them.

We decided to do Festergut first. Everyone knows the fights, and we triple check asking MageA if he knows it as well. He says yes. Excellent! We start the fight and he is standing dangerously close to the range. The raid leader calls out for dps and healers standing on the outside to spread out more. MageA decides not to move a little but to follow the person he was standing on top of before. No matter where this person moves, MageA moves too. He was not on /follow either, he would wait till after his casts where finished and then move.

At this point the dps is starting to get mad, they cannot get their rotation going and are afraid of the vile gas. The dps, a shaman who I will dub ShamanA gets over vent and goes “MageA you need to get away from me,” right as vile gas gets them both. After this, MageA gets the spore, and runs to the designated spore area. As usual, there is a Mailable Goo heading for that area as well. We call out to move right, like explained before the fight, and MageA blinks to the back of the room with the spore, leaving all of us without the buff. This throws everyone off and we wipe.

I get a whisper from the raid leader asking if MageA knew the fight. I tell him he responded that he did, but maybe you should go over it just to be sure. Now, my raid leader does not care to go over a fight. If you do not know something, just ask! He is there to help us and make sure we all know what we are doing. The raid leader also informs me that he was dpsing way below the tanks, not just right below but it was almost like he was not dpsing at all. We figure it was because of all the running he was doing and that this time he could be totally fine, once he got moving down.

So the raid leader goes over the fight how we do it and we try again. This time he starts by standing in between me and a shaman healer. We both get over vent and ask him to move and he does! Great no more worries there. However, the boss seems to be going down rather slowly. What happened next was a group first on this boss that through us all for a loop! We hit the enrage timer. Let me say it one more time. We hit the enrage timer. Now, the DPS that MageA was replacing was our top, but in general all of our dps is very good.  The raid leader takes another look at the dps. Again, MageA fell way below the tanks. Normally, one person being low would not matter, but we had 2 deaths and I used my rebirth on the healer, since dps has never been an issue with us.

This is a bit troublesome. I know that gear scores really mean nothing in the grand scheme of things, but to do below the tank as a mage with the best gear in the guild is odd. We decide to try again and see what happens. There are no deaths and we get Festergut down. Phew!

Next we move to Rotface. The raid leader explains how we do the fight just so we have no issues. This boss continues the same way. MageA  continuously chains vile gas to everyone, stands in slime spray, and dpses lower than the tank kiting the add. After 6 attempts, we finally get him down. Now, not everything was the fault of MageA, there was some tank and even healer fail, but he was always standing where he should not and barely dpsing. We call the raid after this.

Cut to Saturday night. We need one more dps (summer raiding can and will be rough!) and the raid leader begins to look in guild. MageA is on and the raid leader goes, “Well guys, should we try with MageA again. Either him or we call it. I will put it to a vote, ‘yes’ for try and ‘no’ for call it.” Being raid assist at the time, I could see everyone voted no. This was then brought to discussion with the group. All the other dps agreed: He just doesn’t try hard enough.

The Issue

This really made me think. It was not because he was a bad mage who didn’t know his class, but it really was because he did not try nor seem to care if he did try. I found this so strange. Why waste not only the time of others but also your own, if you really did not care what happened? I know that when I get into a raid I am going to give 110% every time. This is not only about me progression, but for the 9 or 24 others. In 25 mans, I see this attitude of “I really do not care” all the time. Especially when healing. When you have 2 or 3 really good healers in a group, there are “healing slackers” as we call them popping up all the time. They see that the top healers got it and really do not try.

To me this is very sad to see. Yes, there are fights when 6-7 healers are really not necessary. *coughcough lootship coughcough* But what about fights like the Lich King? Having only 3-4 people really healing can make or break an attempt. Is this because they do not care about the raid? Or is it more of a personal matter of not feeling needed? I will be the first person to tell you that in a raid, everyone is essential. You do not just only bring your 12 best players to a 25 man and hope everything will be ok. This is not what raiding is about.

Another theory is boredom. Yes, we have been raiding the same places for a long while now and yes the same fights over and over can make your head spin. However, if you really do not want to raid….well then do not raid. This is a game where you are supposed to have fun. If you are not having fun then do not raid or just try to find something else to keep our interest till the expansion arrives. Boredom does not give you a free pass to not act like a team player and ruin raids for others.


No matter what the reason, think of your fellow raiders before raiding. Are you really putting in the effort you know you can?

Has anyone else been in this situation before? How did you handle this person in your raid? Did they ever change? Are the summer months bringing your raids down?

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