Plantain Waffles

Originally posted 2015-09-07 11:28:01.

I had always been terrified of this horrible fruit (???) I had seen the recipes and thought “nah they can’t be as good as people say. Plantains are gross!”

Recently though I ran into someone from my church who said she uses them all the time to make various things, like pizza crust, waffles and pancakes, they are fluffy and taste good. So this week I decided to give it a try!

Original Recipe can be found here: with the Paleo Mom, she’s super awesome by the way!

Ingredients: 2 large green plantains, 4 eggs, 2 tsp vanilla, 1/8 tsp sea salt, 1/2 tsp baking soda and coconut oil for frying20150819_171121

I went off the rails immediately.  I couldn’t find GREEN plantains anywhere so I bought yellow ones, I mean how different can they be?  The answer to that I am going to imagine is A LOT!

Mine smelled so sweet, and banana like, and I like bananas but not so much like this. Since I was making mine in a waffle iron I added butter right to the batter hoping it would make it stick a little less? Okay so the 20150819_171934reasoning behind that really isn’t that solid, but it kinda worked!

In the end, they were okay.  I put maple syrup on them, and to be honest I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t really enjoy dipping my bananas in syrup and it didn’t taste very good on these waffles either! With butter melted on top I did eat 2 of them, and then I couldn’t eat anymore. I will likely make them again, they weren’t terrible by any means, but I wouldn’t say they were totally amazing and I want to eat them every day (like the coffee I posted before!)

However, in an attempt to give the recipe the benefit of the doubt, 20150819_173257I am going on the hunt for some green plantains so I can give it a go the proper way.  Just like regular bananas I am going to assume here that the riper the plantain the sweeter they get, and if I had of gotten the green ones they wouldn’t have been so sweet and banana-like.  Now if you LOVE bananas, then go ahead and use the yellow ones. They were good, just not what I was expecting!

Hopefully I can get the recipe right next time!


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