Pixie Ain’t Playin’ No Mo’

Originally posted 2017-02-15 17:00:36.

Sometimes, we’re so caught up in the mælstrom of life that we don’t see the beauty around us because it is spinning so fast and we can’t slow down.

Sometimes, life is in a slow-motion view, and you’re watching everything play out in a way you see clearer than anything, but you have to ask yourself a very important question: is it even worth it?

Sometimes, those invisible chains that are wrapped around us are what hold us back from moving forward.

Sometimes, they hold us back from doing harm.

When doing the mature thing, and the right thing, and the justifiable thing, and the understandable thing are all juxtaposed from one another… when that gut feeling of “ugh, why can’t this just stop?” that inhabits your mind, and refuses to let go.

Things that fester rarely ever get better on their own. Honestly, I can’t think of a time or instance off the top of my head that would fall into that realm of possibility.

It is so frustrating to see life be reduced to a game to be played, where the rules look simple enough, but are in constant flux in order to have a dominant; a superior; hell, a winner.

Watching people I care about act out charades instead of truly communicating. An awkward dance of foolishness that is driving wedges of animosity and spiteful commentary and jabs of bullying pettiness.

I really wish that people would grow the fuck up. Say their piece, end friendships if need be, and stop purporting that they are the victim while still holding the sword. Provable things are just that: proof. I can’t wait for this to just go beyond this foul lying and backstabbing bullshit. Apparently high school wasn’t enough for some. I didn’t even high school when I was there, and I’m certainly not going to jump through hoops, nor allow any of my friends to go through the same.

Those who are fake and carry on as if nothing has happened, for the sake of appearances are not to be trusted, nor are they to be ever respected.

Funny thing is, there are going to be several that think this is about them, and though some who did come to mind once or twice while I wrote this, I was actually writing this on behalf of someone very dear to me who is going through this at their work place right now. (And I’ll add that I wrote this originally back in January of 2016, but never published it, as it didn’t seem necessary at the time.) But I’ll just say this with Morgan Freeman’s voice: If the shoe fits, lace that bitch up and wear it.

On a positive note, I know very soon none of that bullshit will matter anymore.

Hmm. Maybe I should write a piece for myself; this was a bit cathartic. I can sum mine up easily though. I’m running out of patience for you to do the right thing, you’re growing ugly in my eyes, and once I’m done, I won’t care how many times or ways you try to apologise. Fool me once, shame on you…

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