Parenting News: Quality vs Quantity of Time

Originally posted 2015-06-19 13:01:16.

Quality vs Quantity of Time Study

In recent parenting news was an article posted in the Washington journal by Brigid Schulte regarding the lifelong question of ” What is best for your children quality time, or quantity of  time?”

For the first time ever, a “large-scale longitudinal study of parent time to be published in April in the Journal of Marriage and Family” has been performed.

While it was found that time spent with your children is obviously important it should be noted that the quality of time spent with them seems to have a much larger impact on their lives and attitudes than simply being there does.

While I am more than certain that the people was it made the study or in the study or geniuses I can’t help but think “No s*** Sherlock.” The fact of the matter is even according to the article that time spent with your kids where you are lifting them up, emotionally, has a far greater impact on them as human beings than anything else does. There is a difference between emotional availability and physical availability. Let’s face it, everyone knows that person that is just simply there. He or she brings nothing to the table, and really has no impact on your life. I hope that this is not representative of any of your friends or family members, but we can all think of more than a few co-workers right? Now think about the impact that has on your children… Scary isn’t it? You are literally a filled shirt sitting there not thinking about the kids and not doing your part to make sure that they grow up to be good people. That doesn’t make any sense does it? Really it goes without saying that there is going to be down time that happens in every type of relationship every human being ever has. In these latter instances where there has to be down time it is important for your children to feel as if they are part of your bigger picture.

On the other hand when you do spend time with your kids it needs to be something special. I’m not talking about going to Disney World every other month… Let’s face it that’s like a once in a lifetime thing now anyway due to costs, but what I am saying is according to this article they need to be cared for. The article stresses the fact that at times this may even mean discipline. And my discipline it is simply stating consequences for negative actions, they learn at an early age that everything you do has an effective outcome in one form or another. If you don’t do your homework, you get a bad grade. If you get a bad grade you lose your video games for a week… However if you improve your grade let them know that you are proud of them and do so in ways such as and knowledge in this improvement to other family members in front of your child. things like this.

The article has various other points that it makes effectively. Such as the time spent with the children by fathers is slowly increasing, into that I say: ” get your asses in gear dads because you have as much of an impact on your child’s life as your significant other.”

This article based off the study by Mielke can be found here. Brigid Schulte did a far more articulate job than I regarding this information, and I highly suggest reading the entire article as there is for more information there then what I am able to provide you… Or smart enough to provide you…

In other news…

And here’s some other news for you, a little girl, 3 weeks old has survived brain surgery and maybe the youngest child to ever have aneurysms fixed via a very delicate procedure that uses Surgical superglue too close bleeders in the brain.

Various surgeons were on staff at the University of Kansas Medical Center to assist with the surgery. It has been reported that because of the delicacy of the surgery the doctors had a window of precisely 10 seconds in which to seal the bleeding veins that little Ashlyn had. The reason they only had 10 seconds? Well it’s simple: they’re using freaking super glue and fixing a baby’s brain with it. If the tip of the glue applicator, which is roughly the width of a human hair, where to stay there any longer it would become permanently attached and need to be clipped away. I suppose if that’s being done to an adult with an adult sized brain that may be more feasible, but I don’t think that was what they were going for here.

Anyway it just goes to show that sometimes even our old technology can still do amazing things.