PADI Certification: Day One

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I’m going to be a scuba diver.

Gimme a sec; I’m letting that properly sink in.

It’s finally here. I’ve been waiting so long to finally get settled enough to begin this new journey.

See, I’ve always (always) loved the water. When I was young (6 years old), I nearly drowned in Sharbot Lake, Ontario (Canada). It should have been traumatic, but what was disturbing was when a female adult who came to save me realised my legs were wrapped around the weeds in the water almost drowned trying to save me when she became entangled. We were both pulled free from two males who happened to have been cooking bbq chicken on the shore and had the forethought to jump in the water with their knives to cut us free.

on the far side of that tree near the back of the picture is almost exactly where it took place. Thanks Google!

on the far side of that tree near the back of the picture is almost exactly where it took place. Thanks Google!

Suffice to say, ten minutes later, I was back in the water, albeit a bit more stink-eyed at the weeds (to this day, I’d prefer a reed-free swimming experience unless I can see what’s going on under the water with top rated water sports products like goggles or a mask, and was promptly learning how to do a frog and butterfly kick. I think I settled that first day for doing my own impression of a beagle – nooooo, maybe a shar-pei; yeah, that’s more likely – dog paddle swimming motions. After that, good luck getting me out of the drink! I begged and pleaded with anyone who could take me swimming to do so, and often. Thankfully growing up in Southeastern Ontario, I was at no shortage of different swimming holes. The Dunes, West and East Lake, Martin’s (another weedy place, but it wasn’t too bad closer to the shore), the Sandbanks… that’s just around where I was hatched.

You’d think remembering that overwhelming feeling of “I’m going to die now” would be unsettling to me, but let’s just say that was probably the calmest feeling I’ve ever felt. Odd how when you walk through life, you don’t pause to think of when it was in that moment you became good with death. Don’t worry; this isn’t going to be a morbid conversation. I will say, that should have scared the piss out of me, and it didn’t. Given everything else I was experiencing in my life at that time, even with me being completely at the will of the water and weeds, I was at peace for the fact that no one could hurt me down there. I was safe in the water; even as life was leaving my body, I “fit” in the water. I knew it right then and there, even if the timing was odd. But the calmness was fantastic. I can recall every moment with vivid clarity. Since some people are probably reading this thinking I’m delusionalpixie for being this easy to speak of my young pending demise, I’ll skip the finer details and relish the profound serenity I had learned could exist in the universe. I need to clarify that the calmness that was all around me wasn’t due to the acceptance of a pending final breath, but rather the actual location I was in, and how brilliantly delightful it made me to be in this brand new world.

not exactly the same type as what I was wrapped up in, but it gives you a good idea how easily little legs can be caught up in them.

not exactly the same type as what I was wrapped up in, but it gives you a good idea how easily little legs can be caught up in them.

You see, up until that exquisite moment, I literally had no clue someone could be that connected to things. Yes, I was six, and yes, I was in the midst of what others were panicking about, but what you really need to understand in all this was that it taught me something that no book, or teacher, or lifetime on the land could ever prepare me for: I want to be a fish. Not only am I really okay with that, I am ready for it. I want to be in the world of Octopuses. And Nudibranchs. And Giant Sea Tortoises and tiny Nurse Sharks and massive Parrotfish and baby yellow Blue Tangs and avoid the Fire Coral and the Morays and play with my water puppies (the Sea Lions – the ones with the tiny little ears), and Seals (which have no ears, but do have ear-holes)… I can go on listing all the friends I’m going to make, but I think it’s best if I just leave it at this for now. Wait until I get to see them in their natural habitat, doing as they do and being as they be as the proper lil swimmers and floaters and ink-shooters that they are. I can’t wait.

Screenshot 2016-04-12 11.33.23

will this be a future tattoo? maybe!! It’s the PADI symbol, so I’ll have to wait until I’m at least certified before I can get this.

Funny how I meant to actually explain so many incredible things about the actual PADI Certification course, but I guess I can leave that until another day’s update. I got a bit sunburned on our balcony, and woke way too early for my own good, so I think it’s now time for a bit of a brief nap in front of a fan if possible.

Until later, thanks again for being so patient during this transition phase for me!

Sera the soon-to-be-scubapixie

w.i.p. clumsypixie

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