Opening Up

Originally posted 2016-02-25 20:04:50.

One of the hardest things to get passed in the winter is the desire to hibernate.
The reason for me has always been the dull grey horrible weather and cold. It’s something that is quite mentally debilitating, and it’s not something I’d ever wish on anyone to feel, even for a nanosecond.
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I know many in here suffer from various forms of depression, and though it’s 2016, it’s apparently still taboo to talk about. You’re not alone.
Well, I’m here, opening these doors of the Journey, and posting a giant metaphorical sign on the door for you to feel NO SHAME in telling your story.
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My own depression has a brutal origin story, and one that resurfaces when the weather is dim and sad < in every sense of the word.
I know the catharsis that comes from saying your piece. I also know the extreme vulnerability that comes from this kind of opening up.
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Be brave, share your story.

Find like minded individuals. I promise, I do not tolerate bullying in any form, not that there will ever be any that shows up in these safe walls. You are safe. Let us help you weather the storms and shadows.
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