Oopsie Bread?

Originally posted 2015-11-16 12:30:13.

So since we think my husband might be Celiac, we’ve been trying different ways to get around “the bread issue”. This recipe has seriously popped up all over Facebook and Pinterest, and has been sent to me by message more times than I can count, so I figured it was time to test it out!! It’s the post that is going around that says Oopsie bread, great for diabetics and people watching their carbs!!

Here is the actual link: Oopsie Bread, it’s in a great big post, but the recipe is in there! It’s the only spot I was able to find an actual link, and not just a Facebook post with a photo!


  • 3 eggs
  • 3.5oz of cream cheese (just under half a brick if you measure like me)
  • 1/2 tsp of baking powder
  • a pinch of sale
  • this recipe has 1/2 Tbsp Psyllium seed husks which I didn’t use

As we started making this I thought we were doing pretty good, you separate the yolks and whites into two bowls. 20151110_115916

Then add the salt to the whites, beat them (I used a regular electric beater thing) until the whites are stiff.  Like meringue, but without the yummy sugar!That part of the recipe worked awesome!
While I did that, I had my husband mix all the other ingredients in the other bowl.  We should have softened the cream cheese, but we didn’t so that took a little while.
20151110_115913Here’s the tricky part now, you are supposed to add the yolk/cream cheese mix with the whites BUT you are supposed to try and keep as much air in the whites as possible.  Uhhhh What??!?! Ya that didn’t work so well haha! It turned into a runny slop!! No “air” happening here! I was telling my friend how this was for sure going to be a “Pinterest fail” post! You are supposed to be able to spoon the mixture onto the cookie sheet, but instead it poured into roundish shapes!

I stuck it into the oven anyway, thinking we better just finish it and try it out! We spent a lot of time mixing!

Well I couldn’t believe it! Even with it runny, and the cream cheese separating and not really mixing (there was a pile at the bottom of the bowl) it worked!! It flipping worked!! I couldn’t believe my eyes!! We all tried it, and it was even GOOD! That shocked us even more! My husband even wrapped one up with a little peanut butter and enjoyed it!! We are going to try these as wraps one night for tacos or something too.  They are flexible, and thick enough that stuff doesn’t run out.

In the end, definitely try out some Oopsie Bread if you are avoiding bread but still want a wrap for the stuff you want to make! I know we’ll be making it again!