October Six Word Stories: Week Two

Originally posted 2016-10-14 20:00:45.

At the end of September I found this amazing Instagram post from @pageflutter on a 6-Word Story Challenge! I was so excited I met with @theClumsyPixie and told her all about it. We decided to share the challenge with our Facebook group Geeks Love Stories and we have had such a fun first week of October writing our stories! Check them out below!

Day 7: Haunted mansion

  • Haunted mansion atop Creeperville’s highest hill.
  • Walls creak, doors open, its haunted!
  • Haunted mansion…Gah! Total empty here.

Day 8: Nevermore

  • Nevermore will I bet a raven.
  • Nevermore did she feel alone again
  • Grinning, she gazed into the abyss…
  • Nevermore and neverless. Perfect balance found.

Day 9: Dungeon

  • In, the dungeon, the mighty dungeon…
  • Darkest dungeons are always the most full

Day 10: The Horseman

  • The horseman rode swiftly through town.
  • The horseman rode a pale steed.
  • The horseman rode, head in hand.
  • The horseman came to town, finally.

Day 11: Corpse bride

  • Squealing happily at his Corpse Bride.
  • The Corpse Bride no longer waited.
  • Farmer Pa said, “Choose! Corpse / Bride.”

Day 12: Jack-o-lantern

  • Jack-o-lantern with the face of Bowie.
  • His smile was like a jack-o-lantern
  • Jack-o-lantern old and dried. Election night.

Day 13: The Undertaker

  • The undertaker: caught drinking embalming fluid.
  • The undertaker whistled happily at work.
  • Down the lane came the undertaker.
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