October Six Word Stories: Week Three

Originally posted 2016-10-21 20:00:23.

At the end of September I found this amazing Instagram post from @pageflutter on a 6-Word Story Challenge! I was so excited I met with @theClumsyPixie and told her all about it. We decided to share the challenge with our Facebook group Geeks Love Stories and we have had such a fun first week of October writing our stories! Check them out below!

Day 14: The Fog

  • The fog; great book, okay movie.
  • Blocking the view, fog rolled in.
  • Adrift in the fog, seeking redemption.
  • Thinking…Stupid brain! Clear the fog.

Day 15: In The Shed

  • Parts were found in the shed
  • In the shed, Will was taken.
  • In the shed something shifted, waiting.
  • [From the Adult section] “Twas a week until Pay Day…”

Day 16: Beware

  • “Beware? Did he just say ‘beware?'”
  • Beware the black cat. He’s wicked.

Day 17: Black Cat

  • Black Cat! Oh no, bad luck!
  • Beware the black cat. He’s wicked.

Day 18: Wicked

  • Wicked was the best musical ever.
  • Beware the black cat. He’s wicked.
  • Something wicked this way comes, again

Day 19: Sleepy Hollow

  • Sleepy Hollow; oh my, Depp again?
  • Sleepy. Hollow dreams drift into view.
  • Visit Sleepy Hollow, lose your head!

Day 20: Dracula

  • Dracula does not sparkle. *Drops mic*
  • The stake pierced and Dracula screamed!
  • Dracula twitched with nightmares of Sizzler.
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