October Six Word Stories: Week One

Originally posted 2016-10-07 17:00:40.

At the end of September I found this amazing Instagram post from @pageflutter on a 6-Word Story Challenge! I was so excited I met with @theClumsyPixie and told her all about it. We decided to share the challenge with our Facebook group Geeks Love Stories and we have had such a fun first week of October writing our stories! Check them out below!

Day 1: Undead

  • Undead lonely zombie looking for romance.
  • Undead empty soul still walks upright
  • Undead but not undone. Hunting revenge.
  • Undead boyfriends are better than none
  • Empty room but the mirror isn’t.
  • Undead, she shambles toward family, “Coffeeeeeee!”
  • Undead, a vampire, why me?
  • Stopped once, never again. Undead…
  • Undead unrest under the bed, Unsleepy!

Day 2: Trick 

  • Trick me again and you cry.
  • Fools, the trick is on them!
  • The trick wasn’t disappearing but reappearing.
  • The treats are the real trick
  • Trick me twice, shame on me
  • Trick! Trick! Trick! WOAH! Nice one.
  • Trick-r’-treat, smell my… Hey! No licking!
  • Learn the trick? Live the lie.

Day 3: Treat

  • Treat me right, stay I might.
  • Treats are not always sweets.
  • Mom, this treat tastes like brains!
  • New pair of shoes, a treat!

Day 4: The Scream

  • The scream of delight: more kittens!
  • The scream, the pain! Brain freeze.
  • Echoes of pain left me breathless
  • That’s when I heard the scream.
  • The scream emanated from all around.

Day 5: Witch’s Brew

  • Witch’s brew is the best wine.
  • Witch’s Brew, which is witch brewed.
  • Witch’s Brew, always empty, never full
  • Baby drinks witch’s brew, silence falls.
  • “What is this?”  “It’s witch’s brew.”

Day 6: Entombed

  • Entombed inside his own mind forever.
  • Entombed alone, but who keeps screaming?
  • Entombed in dark chocolate. Dreamy noms.
  • Entombed in poo, the kernel wiggled.
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