October Six Word Stories: Week Four

Originally posted 2016-10-28 17:00:38.

At the end of September I found this amazing Instagram post from @pageflutter on a 6-Word Story Challenge! I was so excited I met with @theClumsyPixie and told her all about it. We decided to share the challenge with our Facebook group Geeks Love Stories and we have had such a fun first week of October writing our stories! Check them out below!

Day 21: It’s alive!

  • Then she cried, “It’s alive!”
  • “Its’s alive!” the smitten zombie shrieked.
  • “It’s alive” she screamed in horror!

Day 22: Seance

  • Seance scene in Beetlejuice is hilarious.
  • This seance surely had to work!
  • Spookay floating tambourines make no seance!

Day 23: Mr. Bones

  • “Mr Bones and me, tell” wait……
  • I missed yesterday’s show: Mr. Bones!

Day 24: Goblins

  • Goblins of Gringotts have creepy nails.
  • Are groups of goblins a gobble?
  • The goblins are art king the castle!

Day 25: Widow’s curse

  • Widow’s curse is the finest perfume.
  • Widows curse haunts the empty house
  • Widow’s curse lifted by new love.

Day 26: Ghost Child

  • Ghost child was borne in shadows.
  • The ghost child plays in peace
  • Ghost child loves watching Spirited Away.

Day 27: In the Cemetery

  • In the cemetery, we made videos.
  • I walk alone in the cemetery
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