October Book Photo Challenge – Day 28: Favorite Place to Read

Originally posted 2015-10-28 08:00:11.

Day 28 of the challenge from Books and Cupcakes! For this post I was in a bit of a bind. I wanted to take a picture of a book I was reading, in my favorite place to read, but I read almost everything via the Kindle app on my phone right now. I also couldn’t take a picture of my phone, because I take all of my pictures with my phone. So, here is my compromise: my favorite reading place (the T, or subway/Underground for you non-Pittsburghers… reading is a great way to pass those otherwise wasted minutes while waiting for a train!):


…and an image of the book I was reading when I took the picture, The Flicker Men, by Ted Kosmatka. This is a great story about a troubled quantum physicist who inadvertently discovers a fault in reality while trying to determine what causes light to function as either a wave or a particle at a given time; and simultaneously attracts the attention of a mysterious and powerful organization.