October Book Photo Challenge – Day 12: Got this as a Gift

Originally posted 2015-10-12 08:00:45.

Good Day, and welcome to day 12 of Books and Cupcakes October Book Photo Challenge !

We all have probably gotten tons of books as gifts. Sometimes even by ‘accident’ or that awkward moment when you’re not sure if your friend/relative is giving you a book, or lending it to you. In any case- my wonderful sister-in-law gave me this amazing book.

Parable of the Sower is a novel by Octavia E. Butler. It is set in the future America- where the government has fallen and people live in enclaves to protect themselves from the wild drug users and anarchy outside. The novel’s protagonist is a hyper-empathetic girl named Lauren Olamina. When her community is invaded and her family killed, Lauren takes off with other survivors. They start their journey in LA and travel north through California. She isn’t alone and starts gaining followers as she develops a religion that she calls “Earthseed”.



PS- this one has a sequel, but I have yet to read it: Parable of the Talents

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