Novels for Nerds Presents: A Dog’s Purpose

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Title: A Dog’s Purpose

Author: W. Bruce Cameron

Published: July 6, 2010

Pages: 319

Genre: Fiction

Kid Friendly Rating:  13+ This book is quite mild but there are some themes that might be a bit distressing for children (ie when the dog dies or has to be put to sleep).


This book is about a dog who is seeking out its purpose in life. He ends up going through four reincarnations where he comes back as a new dog but with the same memories. He initially starts as a mutt named Toby, then a Golden Retriever named Bailey (my favorite story), then he come back as a female dog named Ellie, and finally as a lab named Buddy. All the incarnations of this dog make you want to run out and get one for yourself or rush home and hug the dog(s) you have there. He is sweet, kind, and just wants to make his masters happy.  Mind you that every time the dog was put down or died I wept. There is an interconnecting story between his second reincarnation and the final one that is just overwhelmingly heartfelt.

Final Thoughts:  I enjoyed this book a lot. It is not what I normally like to read but while I was doing a reading challenge it came up. I am glad that I did get a chance to read it. I can see a lot of teens really enjoying this book as it shows the heart and spirit of a pet and  I would give the book a 7 out of 10.

Have you read this book? Give us your thoughts!

Happy Reading!


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