New Writer

Originally posted 2015-10-27 17:00:42.

This is my first time writing a blog so I thought for a start I would introduce myself some. First off, I am a bit of a scifi and fantasy geek and I spend a lot of my time playing video games on my gaming PC and some on my PS3. I have had many games over the years, some I greatly enjoy and others I returned the same day. I play mostly action adventure games and first person shooters with a mix of rpg and puzzle. I am an occasional World of Warcraft player with my brother and his wife and have been so for several years.

I tend to like games based on how well it catches my interest and can hold my attention, as well as how much fun I have playing it. If I start a game and can play for hours without realizing it, it’s a good game. If I have to struggle through the first half of a level for over an hour, I probably won’t continue playing. I do on occasion rage quit games but only if I continually get stopped or killed at a spot and have to restart over and over again. I do start games out on the easiest setting but that is because I want to experience the story before really challenging myself. I know some people who will jump right into a game at higher difficulties and say people who don’t shouldn’t even play because it’s not worth it. I use gaming as an escape from real life and as a way to be some one else for a couple hours a day. I get to experience an adventure in far off lands or different planets and I don’t need the challenge of endless waves of enemies or beating timers to have fun. I also don’t play multiplayer very often unless it is co op and even then it is very rare but mostly because I can’t find anyone to play with. I have tried multiplayer before and didn’t have much fun except for Halo Reach and Left 4 Dead. Halo is the only game I’ve played against other people that I had fun playing and it makes me want to get an Xbox again if only for that game. I really like games that give you choices in how the story plays out and are really immersive.

I am a somewhat new comic book fan, having recently picked them up a year or so ago from a free comic book day and I have fallen in love with them again from when I was a kid. I used to have some comics when I was a kid but never to the extent that I have now. I have always been a big Batman fan but have since become a fan of Deadpool and Red Hood as well. I like their style of crime fighting better than ones like Superman who just really seem too good.

That’s a little bit about me and mostly what I can think of right now, I’ll probably write more as I think of it in other posts. I plan to write posts reviewing new games I play, new comic books or movies I watch. I don’t usually get out too much anymore so it will most likely be video games and comic books. I also have started going to a board game night at the comic book store I go to so I will be writing about all the new stuff I’m doing with that. This should be a fun experience and I look forward to writing about some really cool stuff in the very near future.