New Geek-Hi I’m Phil

Originally posted 2016-05-23 17:00:34.



A long time ago in a galaxy…………..No wait that’s already been done. O.K. A relatively short time ago, in a small town southern England, a geek was born. This was in the 1960’s and the word geek was , so far as I know, not even a thing.

The geek was my good self and I became a geek due to a chance encounter with a computer. This was a time when computers filled a small room and my encounter was short, but sufficient to light a spark of intense interest in a teenage boy.

In many ways I have the advantage over my younger brothers/sisters-in-geekdom. I was privileged to witness the birth of home computers in the late 70’s. I have used a ZX81 and two ZX spectra. It shows how long ago this was that some of my readers may have to google these wondrous devices. I have indulged in the various computer wars. (Spectrum v Commodore 64, Amiga v Atari ST.) Xbox one v PS4 is just the latest skirmish in the ongoing war that is ‘My machine is better than your machine.’.

So I went on to P.C. Several P.C.’s as a matter of fact. I had many mobile phones and these gradually evolved into Smart Phones. My latest acquisition is an ASUS tablet but it is already showing it’s age. I have an Xbox 360 (Assassin’s Creed, Batman Arkham series, Dark Souls and R.P.G.s mainly.) and, strangely, a PS2 (R.P.G.’s plus the odd arcade game.) This may change should Dame Fortune shower me with cash. (Fat chance!)

All this is to establish my credentials as a Geek. Mere age has nothing to do with it. For those who wish to know these things though, I am Phil and I am 55. A bit old for a geek, I know, but it is what I am.

I love tech, though I never really got into the programming (Or developing as I believe it is now called?) aspect. I prefer to use what others have created. I organize my life online as much as possible. I am on several social media sites and access them from my phone or tablet as a rule. I do a bit of picture editing/Meme creation. I blog on WordPress and Blogger. I am also on Instagram and Tumblr. I love reading historical fiction and I am attempting to finish a medieval novel. Minor reading interests are Sci-fi and Fantasy. I am an amateur genealogist.

I think I have established my Geekiness but, if not, in the Batman v Superman debate I am firmly on the side of the caped crusader. I am looking forward to blogging here. My weird sense of humour loves the idea of blogging about the problems involved in gaming with cataracts. I don’t know if there are any other older geeks out there but I know it is a rare combination.

I talk a lot-you guessed didn’t you? This, being an introductory piece has mainly been about me but I hope that my life experiences and my unique perspective as an eternal teenager will make interesting reading for you in future posts.

See you soon. Blogger WordPress