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Originally posted 2016-05-30 13:50:27.

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We’re going to change things up this time.

Or rather, we should say, do this the right way – the way it should have been, like it was for me on my first #100days.

Back To Basics is the theme.

And here is where we gently remind you that you need to talk to a medical professional about changing your food, physical activity, and other areas of your life. Not GOOGLE. Not some woo product that you read about on one website or heard about from a friend. We will go into more detail about this, that’s for sure.

good to you

Let’s look at the (you guessed it), top ten reasons for us to strip away all the nonsense and focus on the proper things:

And though I don’t usually do this, as I’m not a “this is more important” – this time there are levels of importance, so we’re going to have them numbered.

  1. This is about your health.
  2. This is NOT a competition.
  3. This is about breaking bad habits and routines, and creating new, positive, healthy, and permanent good habits.
  4. This is about you learning how to tell yourself the truth. No one else knows if you sneak a doughnut, pizza slice, or chugged a beer when you’re all alone – but YOU do.
  5. This is about wanting to be around to enjoy other journeys and adventures and creative moments in the future, and in order to do that, you have to be open with yourself enough to admit you need this.
  6. This is about your journey, and finding out what is best for your tomorrows.
  7. This is about feeling stable, secure, and safe enough to create and want to maybe even share that creativity with others.
  8. This is about being a positive role model for children, family members, friends, and the world at large.
  9. This is about not sitting on the sidelines of your own life, watching all the moments you wish you could participate in rush by without your added fond memories attached.
  10. This is about changing your life, because you want to, not because the media tells you to be a certain way.

A doctor will recommend the right level of physical activity and direct you to someone who can help with nutrition if needed.

This #100days isn’t about sharing your stats. It’s not about needing to unless that is part of your personal social challenge.

checkpoint days

There have been several who have done what we classed as “playing the home version” – privately keeping track of their own stats, just for themselves, and starting to change things as we have gone through these last now 3 #100days (as there have been people who were onboard since week 1 of clumsypixie’s first #100days.

calendar jun 1-sep 8 2016

Want to join the group, make some decent online friends who are heading in the same healthy direction, and want to support one another? Come check us out!


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