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Originally posted 2016-05-22 09:07:05.

So today, I got to meet more beautiful Nevisians. They are gregariously kind. They embody everything that is good within the world. They care, they are selfless, and they are delightfully present in their lives.

Kaylee desperately needs a cat scratcher, so I set out to buy the simple things today to make her one, since there are no Petsmart or SuperPet or anything like that here on the island. Sisal, a hammer, tacks, and some wood.

Found everything but the wood at the “Home Depot” – for those in Canada, think Home Hardware meets Canadian Tire. In USA, think a tiny Lowes/Home Depot or in the UK, B&Q/Homebase.

Screenshot 2016-05-14 17.02.39

I go to return the piece of rattan twine to the Craft House (trust me, we will buy things there once we are settled) and thank Ingrid again for lending it to me in case I needed to show someone at the hardware store (I found the sisal ball on my own). No luck on the wood though. I let her know I would see her tonight with the hubs at her other shop, Mansa’s Fresh Fruit & Veg, and she asked me what the sisal was for.

After explaining, she said, “Come wid me, to de back. I tink we kin sort you.”

Screenshot 2016-05-14 16.55.38

Twenty minutes later, and a bunch of delightful welcomes, explanation of the need/requirements, I was handed a finished piece of three wooden scrap items that are now sitting wrapped, in our living room, all wrapped in sisal as what very well could be Kaylee’s first ever actual scratching post.

She’s still not all that keen on it, but I think she’ll get there. Cats aren’t fond of change, so I have to be patient with her.

I’ll go through the step-by-step how to in another article, for those who want to learn how to make a scratching post, from scratch.

Screenshot 2016-05-14 16.56.46

Sorry this pic is blurry – she’s sniffing it like crazy, and I wanted you to see the “first” reaction of her checking it out.

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