NaNo: Day 9

Originally posted 2016-11-10 20:00:32.

Yes, by the time you see this, it will be the 10th, but I needed to get a few things off my freckled chest before I sleep.


Near the start of Day 9 – yay, fun numbers!

First off: I wrote over 16,000 words today.


Now, this begs the question: Quality v Quantity: Which did I sacrifice?

Honestly, EgoPixie is going to rear her head and say I’m gonna guess at least 65% of today’s writing is going to make it into the final edit. Yeah, it’s that good. Like deliciously good. There are a few holes that need to get some tweaking, but I can’t just have all the fun. I know that Trey gets an equal say in this, and it might only be the way the scene plays out that she likes and we decide to go with in the end.


NaNo validates word counts low… not sure if it’s hyphenation or what, but if you’re going to do just 50,000, be prepared to have to write a bit more just in case.

Secondly: Why am I still writing tonight if I’ve already wrote so much???

This one is simple: because I love to write.


well, I’m glad it shows over, but gimme my win, dammit!

Thirdly: I’m kinda bummed (a lot bummed) that the nano site isn’t giving me my official “win”. I’m thinking about deleting the text and resubmitting it. Maybe that will work… *goes to try for the third time*screenshot-2016-11-09-21-15-27

Booooo. No dice. Maybe I broke the site being so awesome.

** went to bed, got up, did the day thing at the uni, shopping, and finally home, checked the NaNo site and saw that I didn’t do anything wrong, it just hasn’t started to validate ANYONE yet. **phew** okay, I’m good to go for a bit longer. I think it was Nov 20 of last year I was able to start validating…**


Instead of my tired panic last night that I broke it, I should have just checked the reason why it didn’t show validated…

So now what am I going to do with the last 20 days?

DUH! I’m gonna do my NaNo! But now that it’s out of the hardest part, this is now the fun bit where I can keep adding to it, motivating others, and inspiring my writing partner with delicious story plot pieces she can incorporate into her side of the narration. And one of us is gonna have to write the ending… once we learn who the killer is and who the victim is.


HAHAHA I wish it were Deadie my love.

Do you know how interesting of a challenge it is to not impose any gender or implication of species for a character you can “see” but really can’t yet? It’s weird. I’m staring at the character from behind (stop thinking if they have a nice ass, I don’t know I didn’t look down, sorry!) and just knowing that if I were that character (not saying they identify as female or anything), I’d want to do what they are doing (before the whole “die die die” part).

TUNE IN tonight (Nov 10, 2016) (9EST/10AST) on Twitch and YouTube for Trey and I to make our NaNo Characters!! **Already been dubbed “GiggleFest’16″**


More NaNo sprints to come tomorrow as well ^ keep all that ^ info except the date – change it for Nov 11 and you’re good to go!


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