NaNo: Day 5

Originally posted 2016-11-05 20:00:39.

This is my 69th post for G&G. *Glen Quagmire wanders past your screen*

No, I didn’t write any sex scenes today.


It’s a murder mystery. Besides, if I do, it’s gonna be about Clover and her girlfri… oh, wait, yeah you’d probably want to read that… hmmmm it wasn’t in the intentional writing, as it’s a murder mystery. Focus people. At least more than I did today.

Seriously, I wasn’t even planning on writing, so the fact I got anything accomplished is saying something. *pouts* I wanted to go play Minecraft though!!!


Hardest thing about today: Google was being an ornery cow and not just having the answers I wanted even though I was giving it impossible query parameters. *shrugs* It should know me by now though, right? I mean, come on, Google, you’ve had umpteen years to get used to what I’m gonna search in you (Quagmire, go away! It’s not even meant to be… oh forget it. Have fun with this one then).


I am over the 30K mark, and that makes me delighted. SUPER delighted.

I’m kinda sad though that I am in ouchie-mode because I really want to meet my one character I kind have shown in the book, but no one has really officially met yet. And I know he’s gonna be a fan favourite. IF I can get him to come out and play. Problem is, I’m not in the right mindset for his proper awesome introduction, and he’s sounding more like a supreme twatwaffle rather than a really cool being who has this amazing ability to say something and… well, that’s gonna have to wait until you read the best selling book one of our series.


I think it’s nice though that some of the characters are playing nicely with each other, while others are just going to be rotten all the way through, I can see that now. I’m just glad I’m not the only one who is facing that issue. Still, I hope the characters start to deal with one another more inclusively as this goes on, because right now, there’s a huge divide physically in the room, with only 11 beings in there. And one’s the dead body. So yeah, that one isn’t in the mood for a rousing game of musical chairs any time soon.


Okay, enough whining. I am going to eat some bangers and mash (yeah, be jelly!)



the rain was nice earlier in the day (I put it in F instead of C for the ‘Muricans)

Oh, and Happy Guy Fawkes Day. Don’t blow up Parliament and get yourself killed, okay?



See you tomorrow!

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