NaNo: Day 4

Originally posted 2016-11-04 17:00:24.

Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga CHOOO-CHOOOOO!!!!

All aboard the feels train!


I wish it would let Trey and I link it so it would show “Authors”

Yeah, I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped today, and I’m heading out shortly for the evening, so I am trying to rush this post a bit, but know this:


Not even kidding.


Last night, I had the chance **fangirl squeal** to meet none other than >> THE << Drew.  IKR?! Totally freaked right out. Couldn’t concentrate, got to hear him and his fabulous wife (seriously, these two are amazing together, they are witty and charming and… okay okay! NaNo)… Trey and I did some sprints (read: wow, do you know where your keyboard is, Sera? 183 words in 5 minutes? REALLY? When you’ve been at this already for 4 minutes and you’ve got 127 according to this word counter? W/E.

So, I’m going back today and starting to fix up what I messed up and totally BOTCHED last night in my horrifyingly bad ‘sprinting’ – it was way too much fun and I was having a blast and it did give me enough ‘meat’ to work with. I’m in fact still correcting and adjusting and adding to what I had there before. So that’s good.

I am currently waiting for Trey to let me know about one part (technically it’s my assignment for our FWF as well, so you’ll see that in 3 weeks I think, cause next week (Friday) is my last week (Thursday)’s assignment. Yeah, don’t worry; I’m confused too.

Still, considering the need (<< OVERWHELMING understatement of the day) for chocolate and fuzzy kittens and silence today, I’m doing pretty damn well.



WHOOHOOO!!!! Over the !/2 way mark!!!! Last year at this point I was starting my novel (I had a friend from Canada visiting until Nov 3).

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