My Raid UI, showing addons.

Originally posted 2010-03-16 09:11:30.

As promised, here is what my UI with addons looks like while I raid.

Here you can see that I have Grid arranged horizontally and Smart Debuff arranged Vertically. This helps me fit both addons in the little corner of my screen:

In the next two pictures, you can see Quartz, Tiptac (which should be hidden during combat! Opps!), Deadly Boss Mods, and Mik’s Scrolling Combat Text.

  • Quartz is a customizable casting bar. It will report any lag that you are having (boo I have .9 seconds there!) and shows you casting time clearly.
  • TipTac will show you everything about a target when you put the mouse over it. You can choose from many different things the addon can show you. Ranging from Gearscore to spec!
  • Deadly Boss Mods is a must for any raider (unless you are running Big Wigs which is also a good one). This mod tells you bosses abilities on timers. You can choose where the bars are and how you want information to be displayed.
  • Mik’s Scrolling Combat Text is a completely cosmetic mod for me. Not really a necessity but something I like. It shows me how much I am healing (on the right side) and how much damage I am taking or what I am being healed for (on the right side). The top tells me abilities I have gained (ie auras, buffs) and mana gained during combat. The bottom reports when my abilities are off cooldown.

In this last picture you will see a bit more of Pitbull, Omen, and Mik’s Scrolling Combat Text.

  • Pitbull here is when I have a target and it also shows the target’s target. Now I rarely have anyone targeted since I use mouseover macros to heal, but I wanted to show what my targeting looked like. I also placed it on the left side right above grid because during most of the time I am healing, I am just focused on grid and putting my target there is pretty logical for me.
  • Omen for me is not really useful. I am RARELY at a fear of pulling aggro. However, since I am a raid assistant to my group, it is nice to watch who has aggro so that I can warn them to slow down (or preemptively heal them =D )

I also am up for trying new addons and macros especially helpful healing ones. I am sure I will have more to report after I try a few new ones that I have heard about here.

Up next….Mouseover Macros! A Healers Best Friend.

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