Minecraft Server Announcement!

Originally posted 2016-05-27 12:19:02.



Hey! Elyntia here! How much do you guys love Minecraft??? If you’re like me and my kids, you practically live it every day! So it is with great fanfare that I bring you a partnership with Some Awesome Minecraft!!! My kids and I have been playing there over a year now, and you won’t find a better family friendly server, for everyone, of all ages! A safe place to play with your kids, where griefing isn’t tolerated, language filters are in place and a super team of Admins (which I am super proud to be joining) watch over all things server with a keen eye on keeping things fun, and safe for everyone! Everyone who is whitelisted on their server MUST be part of the Facebook group: Some Awesome Minecraft, which adds a personal touch to these servers. With real life names, faces and parents involved in the process people are far less likely to behave poorly. Parents must join if they want their children to play.2016-05-27_11.17.32

They host all sorts of events and game nights. We’ve been part of dragon fights (dragons are only spawned on games nights!), the kids take part in Mini Builder challenges, where they are given a theme and then create something with that theme in mind and can win prizes! Regular fishing tournaments, and even build challenges for the adults – we did a story book theme last year and the builds are amazing!

They run two servers, Main is the non-hard survival server, so you keep your 2016-05-27_11.27.38stuff when you die and mob griefing is off (so your builds are safe!) and NuNu is the hard server, where you will blow up and die, and leave all your stuff there when you do it lol Both servers will provide you with starting materials and cb’s out to new player areas where you can find your own special place to call home.

Both servers have various community farms and spawners so you can get those hard to get items. There are Markets where you can go and purchase items from biomes that maybe you don’t have, or sell stuff you have an abundance of! There are Pixel Art areas where you can bring your materials and build 2016-05-27_11.29.37beautiful art pieces for everyone to see. The NuNu Market even boasts a Geocaching center!

If danger is your game, the Nether will give you a run for your money! There are community portals on both servers so you can go and explore!

In the next few weeks, I’ll be doing some youtube videos showcasing the different builds, and areas on these servers. Giving a bit of a tour, but don’t wait for those if you want to play!

There are always friendly people around to help out and answer questions! In the mean time check out the screen shots I’ve added!

You can get all the information for whitelisting, rules, family rules and the Facebook Group here: Some Awesome Minecraft Rules2016-05-27_11.13.472016-05-27_11.12.03


Hope to see you guys on the server!2016-05-27_11.27.552016-05-27_11.14.08