Loving the Geek Life!


Originally posted 2016-11-10 17:00:59.

Hello, geekmates! I am Rosalinda, aka @happilygeeked on social media, and I’m one of the newest additions to Geeks and Geeklets.

After years of feeling like I just didn’t fit in, I realized I was a geek through and through (quirky and imaginative introvert with a propensity for non-comformity), and that there was nothing wrong with that. I finally embraced my geek side just before my 40th birthday. Some might’ve called it a mini mid-life crisis, but I look at it as an acceptance and celebration of loving life fully and in my own way. I’d had enough of simply “doing” life as defined by societal influences and expectations, and I have experienced more joy — happily and geekily — since then. As a result, I birthed my own blog, where I share what it means for me to be “Happily Geeked”.

happily geeeked

It took one comic-con experience (and meeting Norman Reedus — Daryl from “The Walking Dead”) to convince me that being a full-time fangirl of pop-culture is the (only) way of life for me! My top loves include Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Marvel and Critical Role (yep, I’m a #Critter!). I’m known to make pop-culture references, wear and use geek-related clothing and gear on a daily basis, and collect all sorts of items related to my fandoms.

By day, I’m a part-time web designer/developer. And when I’m not doing that, I’m feeding one of my many interests — reading, watching movies, heading to theme parks, tabletop gaming (including DnD), playing The Sims, crafting, sketching, writing snail mail letters to pen-pals, building with LEGOs, or surfing social media. I’m thankful to have a hubby who not only supports, but shares many of the same interests, and with whom I get to share life as a big kid! We live in California with our two beagles, Bauer and Mambo (shameless dog-momma pic below).


I’m excited to share my endeavors and experiences within the Geeks and Geeklets community. Tweet at me, or stop by my blog, happilygeeked.com.

Until later, May the Force Be With You and go geek the best out of life!

Happily Geeked