Long days and pleasant nights. May you have twice the number.

Originally posted 2015-11-16 17:30:09.

Hello Geeks and Geeklets!

I am Kali (Kaylee), a.k.a. NerdiChar (@nerdichar). I am a co-host for the longest running Heroes of the Storm podcast, HotScast (@hotscast, hotscast.com). We are part of the D20crit network. I also host Charred Hearts (@charred_hearts, charredhearts.com), a podcast dedicated to nerd love/dating. We are on a hiatus right now but hope to return soon.

My geekdom spans across many avenues. I have been a gamer my entire life, gravitating toward Blizzard titles and classic console games, with Nintendo being my favorite console brand. I am a huge Tolkien geek – I have the One Ring inscription tattooed on my back. Give me a Stephen King novel and I won’t take my nose out of it until it’s finished (hence the post title). If you have a Batman question or just generally want to geek out about the comics, movies, or animated series, I’m your girl. I am a Trekkie (TNG > Voyager > DS9 = OS > Enterprise). Hmm, what else? I love everything 80s, I enjoy cosplaying (casually), I have 3 cats, I’m obsessed with my 350z, and my house looks like a nerd museum.

As far as boring real-life items, I am 30 and engaged to an equally geeky man. We do not have any children except for our fur babies Roxy, Tinkerbell, and Zeus. I am an Industrial & Organizational Psychologist for a Fortune 15 company and I am also a cupcake entrepreneur on the side – I have a small business in Central Florida where I cater cupcakes to small and medium-sized events.