Lok’tar Ogar!

Originally posted 2015-11-18 12:00:20.

Bal’a dash, malanore!

My name is Ryan, though in the Blizzard community most people know me as Rykter @MrRyeno. I’ve been a gamer and a geek since I could hold a controller in my hand, my player 2 as well as 2 little geeklings both share my obsession as well. However even though gaming is awesome I never felt it fully enough to just at the end of the day put down my controller or turn off my screen and be done with it all.

So as much as I play all these games, I also host 2 podcasts. One is a Sunday weekly show about news and our thoughts about what is happening in the world of Blizzard called The Rykter Scale (@therykterscale and therykterscale.com). The second is called Azeroth Uncultured (@azerothuc and azerothuc.com), where we pick a theme and every other Friday and talk about the pop culture references and Easter Eggs in the game of World of Warcraft.

I am always looking for new people to come and join us on TRS Podcast or give us idea’s for Azeroth Uncultured so give me a shout!

I love everything Blizzard as well as I am in love with The Legend of Zelda and Mario and have a plethora of Nintendo paraphernalia as well. My wife has drawn me more into the television side of things with Farscape, Firefly and the like. Though I cannot get enough of a good anime. If I’m not playing Heroes, Warcraft or any other game, I’m usually scouring reddit for all the latest and greatest gaming news to catch up on.

I am also a streamer as well, so you can find me on twitch as well a few times a week on Twitch . Graveyard work = Stay at home Dad during the day. WIN+WIN!

Anyways, I guess that’s about an introduction to myself. Unless you want to know IRL stuff where I have a Tortoise named Jax, 2 cats named Lynt and Leo, a Bunny named Zero (from A nightmare before Christmas), a Guinea Pig named Gumball and 2 leopard gecko’s named Zelda and Baxter. I work graveyards 7 days a week as a contractor so in the day time I can be a stay at home Dad and game!

I guess that’s all. See you in game!