Lets do the Time Warp…

Originally posted 2015-05-22 12:30:50.

Sometimes I feel like I need a pause menu for life.  Only with this menu, time pauses for everything around me and I can continue as normal.  Imagine if we could just take a moment out of each day and make it last for 2 hours instead of 2 minutes.  Parents go through this everyday as their children grow older. I hear them say all the time “my baby isn’t a baby anymore,” or “they grow up so fast.”  What if you could just pause those major moments in time and take them all in for about 2 hours.

When it comes to being a parent pausing time might not always be a good idea, because lets be honest sometimes your just like “Please for the love of God, stop being 2.”  However if gaming, pausing time for a couple hours and only sucking up a couple minutes, this could possibly be the greatest thing ever seeing how much you could achieve just by doing that.  As a parent of two wonderful children, I understand how precious my gaming time is and just how hard it is to dictate where to deposit that time at. We start playing games around bed time. For our 4 year old that is 8:00 p.m. and for our 15 month old it’s 7:30, wand that will move to 8:00 soon.  After that happens its clean up time for the house, which includes putting all the toys away (because a 4 year old has no concept of clean or dirty trust me on this), doing the dishes, packing lunches, ect. Once all that is done its time to decide where to put our time.  With many addictions out there this becomes such a task. My wife and myself are currently starting a podcast, and while this is in development our time is even more limited.  Starting a gaming podcast that involves parenting seems like a wonderful idea right?  Well let me just say this one more time a pause button for life would be a wonderful invention (puts on science hat and gets to the lab).  Our number one focus will always be the kids of course, after that it is time with each other and then we dedicate time to games and pod casting.  This last bit is becoming an even bigger paradox, to game is to help the podcast, to work on the podcast is to help the podcast, but to work on the podcast is to not game.  You see the problem.

I think at the end of the day, we just have to sit down take a breath and choose a focus and dedicate ourselves to that task until we are done with what we wanted to accomplish.  No matter the distractions that come at us we have to learn how to put those distractions into perspective and handle them the best way we can.  The road of life has many paths that we can take, its all up to us which one we take and how fast we take them.  I think I will slow the train down and  focus more on the most important of matters…beating The Witcher 3 of course.

Keep Calm and Game On.