Kids Toy Review: Crayola Marker Maker

Originally posted 2015-06-09 12:43:15.

If your kids are anything like mine you find that every now and again there is an untouched trove of toys from either Christmas or some forgotten birthday. On rare occasions the kids may take these out but because of the time that has passed many of these little expensive treasures are basically tossed by the wayside. Sometimes though you will find a rare gem amongst the hoard, and this is where we found Isabella’s Crayola Marker Maker.

The Marker Maker is very simple to use and self explanatory, literally if I can do it you can too. The box contains various marker tips and marker cores that are all blanks, and a whole little kit to go all mad scientist on with your children.

Now first off, I like this toy because it serves multiple purposes. First, you actually get to make markers with your kids instead of going out and buying them. You sit down with your little mad scientist and mix the colors you want in the proportions you want (it comes with red, blue and yellow dye). The instructions are simple, you place the amount of dye in the beakers that you want, just so long as you don’t pass up the magic Crayola 15 mark… If you do that Cthulhu arises and creates madness akin to being told you are to watch your neighbors four kids that are just peeking on a sugar high and must be locked in the house due to inclement weather…. Though in truth if you go over the 15 mark basically the only thing that happens is the dye may spill out and into the little catch pan. After placing the little cores in the plastic beakers full of dye you simply wait. After a few moments the cores absorb all of the dye, and you can move on to placing the tips on to the haft of the marker and the cores inside. You then place a backing onto the marker and use the small clip device to lock all the pieces into place.

You can do two of these at a time so the container has space to hold 8. The cleanup is relatively easy and when you are done making these you actually have to be usable product that you and your child can share together that will not simply fall apart or be considered junk. This brings me to my last point. you now have a plethora of markers that you and your kids can take sometime to play with. I managed to set up the small set and make 6 markers with my daughter in about 35 minutes after I had come home from work and eating dinner with her.

I highly recommend these toys as they are something your kids can use, and you can show a little pride as a parent in helping them create. I would say but this is best when used by kids 5 years and older and with parental supervision because of the small parts. Other than that the product performs as promised and allows you to make quality markers so I give it a 10 out of 10.