Kid’s Toy Review: Crayola Color Alive

Originally posted 2015-08-10 15:34:37.

I took off Friday and I was awoken at 7am by my daughter screaming “MOM! I am ready to play my TOY!” Now I was in a deep sleep and had no idea what she meant by this new toy, but I begrudgingly got up and ready for the day. After a few minutes of being out in the living room, Remy ran and grabbed a book off the dining room table. “Mom! Let’s do this I am ready,” she shouted.  She handed me her book and I saw what was called “Crayola Color Alive.”


This small coloring book comes with crayons that the kids can use to color in the mythical creatures. I read the directions in the cover of the book, which did not seem too complicated and started downloading the Color Alive app from iTunes. The app took only a few seconds to download and install and once it did, I opened it up and was asked to either Play the app or to Get More Coloring Pages. There are a few other options like instructions, saved items, and for parents as well. I clicked on Play right away since Remy could just not wait! The app then asked me to pick the book that we were going to scan. I chose that and then came to a scanning screen which I held up over the pages. Once I did, the images came to life on my phone screen!

IMG_3400 IMG_3395

Remy was so excited and was happy when I got them to be in pictures with her!

IMG_3391 IMG_3392

We kept making the images come to life all day and she even colored more pictures. What I love about this app is that it actually takes the colors your child uses and makes them into the picture. We had many multicolored dragons! You can also add cool effects on certain colors like fire and ice!

IMG_3402 IMG_3394 IMG_3396

My only complaint is that sometimes the pictures would not scan and you had to do a manual scan where it shows an overlay of the picture and you have to match it to yours for the scan to work. But out of all we did that only happened one time.


We spent hours playing and coloring these fun pictures! I would recommend this to any child that is able to color without putting a crayon in their mouth. The recommended age is 4+ and I think that works pretty well! This is something that smaller kids will have to work on with a parent until they can work the device you are using.

Do your kids have this book? Did your children like it?



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