Internet Friends and Their Quest for Health: Week 44

Originally posted 2016-11-02 12:00:44.

Hello everyone and welcome to week 44 in the quest of a few internet friends who are trying to get healthy! We want to motivate one another and help each other get on the right track by working out, eating right, and reaching a great state of mind in the process. Join us weekly as we share our personal journey’s and stats to show you all that if we can do it, so can you!


I am 100% back into the workout groove. Tattoos are healed and I am busting out some workouts. Not only am I lifting every morning, but I also do the elliptical for 10 to 15 minutes to help me with those pesky step counts for the day. Now to try and focus on eating the right foods….after all the Halloween candy is gone though.   Wanna chat about diet or exercise? Tweet me @Sarindre or follow me on MyFitnessPal as korngirl723. Have a great week!

Starting weight – 180.5

Today’s weight – 155.4

Total inches lost – 22.25″

Bicep – slack – 12.5″, Flex – 13 1/2″

Chest – 32.2″ (Down 4.55″)

Waist – 31.1″ (Down 10.29″)

Calf – 14.8″

Shoulder – 15.4″

Neck – 12.4″

Hips – 37.5″ (Down 4.5″)

Upper Thigh – 21.7″ (Down 3″)

You can find me on MyFitnessPal as korngirl723.


WTD – 11.51 miles

LW – 45 miles
MTD – 0 miles
YTD – 2021.02 miles
I did it!!! Yesterday I finished my challenge and then some, and today I took a break. I’m seriously considering moving to a four day workout week, I think I’m a happier person. We’ll see.
Since I finished a full two months early, I’m curious to see how many miles I actually get in for the full year.
Maybe I should ease up on the mileage so my chiropractor quits yelling at me. Then again, I’m sure he appreciates the consistent business.


Weight: Starting: 213 (3/1)

Last week: 186 (10/20)

This week: N/A

Goal Weight: 180

5k (3.1 miles):

Last week: 2.4 miles/20

This week: 2.55 miles/20

Goal: 3.1 miles/20

Had an OK week fitness-wise deapite being partially derailed by a deer who decided 5:30 am was the perfect time to prance his merry way across a 4 lane highway. I saw to the end of that. I’m fine; my car has been better. So, Friday I had to stay home for a new windshield and I’m sure scheduling body repairs will affect my gym time in the next few weeks. Alas. On Monday, I lifted, focusing on arms, shoulders, legs, and core. On Wednesday, I ran 2.55 miles inside on the treadmill, then 2.1 more on the stationary bike. On Thursday, I lifted, focusing on chest, back, legs, and core. On Sunday, I had the final soccer game for my outdoor league, which ended poorly, in a 2-3 loss. We finished in 3rd overall, which is also disappointing, but it was a fun league for sure. My new indoor league starts Thursday. That’s all this week!


Dear diary, I did 8000000000 sit-ups. Okay, I might have done some of those in my head and the rest of them actually. I’ll let you figure out the balance for reality/imagination land. And nooooo, it isn’t a all/nothing split with them. I’m walking. Working out. Doing my therapy. Getting good sleep. Not engaging when people bait because I just don’t need to. And now I’m focused on NaNo win, and I’m so excited, and yeah… I’m gonna keep doing sit-ups and stupid squats (whoever made up those foul things has NO FRIENDS) and all the rest of it. I’m gonna be healthy heading into my usual hibernation time. Fighting the S.A.D. this year hard. Peace!