Internet Friends and Their Quest for Health: Week 32

Originally posted 2016-08-10 12:00:52.

Hello everyone and welcome to week 32 in the quest of a few internet friends who are trying to get healthy! We want to motivate one another and help each other get on the right track by working out, eating right, and reaching a great state of mind in the process. Join us weekly as we share our personal journey’s and stats to show you all that if we can do it, so can you!


So things have been going weird. First I hurt my arm, then I got sick and now with is BUSY. I have had no time to work out much and I have not been eating the best. Well my belly thinks it is delicious but my body will surly not agree! I need to get back on track and focus because I can feel my body getting more tired and out of shape!  Wanna chat about diet or exercise? Tweet me @Sarindre or follow me on MyFitnessPal as korngirl723. Have a great week!

Starting weight – 180.5

Today’s weight – 155.4

Total inches lost – 22.25″

Bicep – slack – 12.5″, Flex – 13 1/2″

Chest – 32.2″ (Down 4.55″)

Waist – 31.1″ (Down 10.29″)

Calf – 14.8″

Shoulder – 15.4″

Neck – 12.4″

Hips – 37.5″ (Down 4.5″)

Upper Thigh – 21.7″ (Down 3″)

You can find me on MyFitnessPal as korngirl723.


Starting weight: 310.5
Today: 296

WTD – 21.6 miles

LW – 40 miles
MTD – 62.10 miles
YTD – 1562.41 miles
I am super proud of myself. In spite of my OCD exercise regime, I granted myself an extra day off last week for the first time in I have no idea how long. That’s right. 3 days off instead of 2. On the day in question, my daughter and I BOTH slept until 10:45 am and then watched Disney’s Tarzan in my bed. Totally worth it. Not the Phil Collins part, but the rest of it.
This week I am back on track and feeling renewed, and I’m actually thinking I’ll throw in that extra day more often.
In Netflix news, I have one episode left of “Penny Dreadful,” which I highly recommend. Next I am moving on to Rectify. I already watched the first two seasons, but I only vaguely remember them, so I am going to just re-watch.
I am skipping my weigh-in day this week because my hormones are out of control and I know that it will be reflected in my weight, and in spite of all rationality, I will find a way to blame it on myself and not the fact that I do, in fact, suffer from lady problems on a monthly basis. We’ll just see where I’m at next week with all of that.


Starting weight: 213 (3/1)

Last week: N/A (7/29)

This week: 195

Goal weight: 190

Back to a normal schedule this week. On Monday, I lifted, focusing on chest, back, core, and legs. On Thursday, I lifted again, focusing on arms, shoulders, core, and legs. Friday night was the conclusion of another session of soccer. We had a semifinal game scheduled at 8 and possible finals at 10. We wound up scrimmaging for the first game because the other team forfeited due to numbers, and I played goalie for most of the scrimmage to conserve energy. In the final, we won 2-0. I even got to score a goal, which felt pretty nice. That’s it for this week!


Dear Diary moved to a new country two days ago, stuck in a hotel, waiting for the local holiday 5-day long weekend (country-wide) festivities to end so we can move into our new* apartment. *New to me and the furgirls, but it was where my husband lived for 6 1/2 years while he was here before.

At least I’m gonna get power muscles from all these new stairs in our place! And I’m gonna go for a nice long swim the hotel pool once the sun isn’t directly overhead.

Eating healthy doesn’t work when you are moving and flying and are trying to get everything done without stress, but the grocery store here is like the ones in Canada, so I will be able to get tons of healthy fresh foodstuffs very soon!!

Next week? I’ll have happy news hopefully about our move.

<3 Pixie